A Textbook of Hadith Studies

 A Textbook of Hadith Studies : New,
*[A5+] Large Paperback - 269 pages,
by Mohammad Hashim Kamali,
Published by the Islamic Foundation.




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Description :

A Textbook of Hadith Studies is an authoritative book on hadith criticism, classification, compilation and authenticity. It provides a wide-ranging coverage of hadith methodology and literature for intermediate and advanced levels of study.

The author explains that most of the existing works on hadith in English are preoccupied with historical developments and the debate over hadith authenticity. However the existing English-language coverage provides little about traditional hadith studies (ulum al-hadith) and the methodology that hadith scholars have employed to verify the reliability of hadith.

Conversely, he explains that in Arabic there is extensive literature on hadith methodology but little interest in the history of hadith or the debate over hadith authenticity. He writes:

         "Only in recent decades, Arab and Muslim writers generally, and those with a Western experience in particular, have addressed issues that feature prominently in the 20th century writings of Western origin concerning the Sunna and hadith. The present volume does not propose to delve into historical developments as the English reader of hadith can obtain this in the existing works. I have instead focused on the jurisprudence of hadith, if I may use the expression, and have tried to offer, in a textbook format, the traditional coverage of hadith methodology."

Readership : For all those interested in Hadith, Islamic law, History and classical Islamic intellectual tradition.

Dr Mohammad Hashim Kamali is Professor of Law at the International Islamic University Malaysia where he has been teaching Islamic law and jurisprudence since 1985. Among his other works are: Islamic Commercial Law, Freedom of Expression in Islam, The Dignity of Man: An Islamic Perspective, and Freedom, Equality and Justice in Islam. He is also the author of the well known book: Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence (which is one of the standard text books on Islamic Jurisprudence)

Table of Contents :

---About the Author,
---Transliteration Table,

---[1]. Introduction,

---[2]. Reception (Tahammul) and Delivery (Ada) of Hadith,
--------Methods off Reception (al-Akhdh wa'l-Tahammul),
----------1. Direct Hearing (al-Samaa),
----------2. Recitation or Rehearsal (al-Qira'a 'ala 'l-Shaykh),
----------3. Permission (al-Ijaza),
----------4. Presentation (al-Munawala),
----------5. Correspondence (al-Mukataba),
----------6. Declaration (al-I'lam),
----------7. Bequest (al-Wasiyya),
----------8. Finding (al-Wijada).

---[3]. Documentation of Hadith – Early Developments,

---[4]. Hadith Literature – the Major Collections,
--------The Sahifa,
--------The Musannaf,
--------The Musnad,
--------Sahih al-Bukhari,
--------Sahih al-Muslim,
--------The Sunan Collections,
--------The Jami Collections,
--------Al-Juz' (pl. azja').

---[5]. Biographies of Hadith Transmitters ('Ilm Tarikh al-Ruwat),

---[6]. Hadith Terminology (Mustalah al-Hadith),
--------Mustalah al-Hadith,
--------Basic Terms; Sunna, Khabar, Athar, Hadith and Hadith Qudsi,
--------Al-Riwaya wa'l-Diraya (Transmission and Meaning),
--------Sanad, Isnad and Musnad,
--------Ranking and Titles of Hadith Scholars (alqab al-Muhadditheen),
-----------a. Musnid,
-----------b. Muhaddith,
-----------c. Hafiz,
-----------d. Hujja,
-----------e. Hakim,

---[7]. Hadith Forgery (Wad' al-Hadith),
--------Wad' al-Hadith,

---[8]. Impugnment and Validation (al-Jarh wa'l-Ta'dil),
--------Some examples of Impugnment (al-Jarh),

---[9]. Hidden Defects 1 ('Ilal al-Hadith),

---[10]. Hidden Defects 2 (Tadlis al-Hadith),

---[11]. Conflict in Hadith (Mukhtalif al-Hadith),

---[12]. Unfamiliar Expressions in Hadith (Gharib al-Hadith),

---[13]. The Abrogator and Abrogated in Hadith (al-Nasikh wa'l-Mansukh fil-Hadith),

---[14]. Additional Segments to Hadith by Reliable Narrators (Ziyadat al-Thiqat),

---[15]. Hadith Classification 1,

---[16]. Hadith Classification 2

---[17]. Hadith Classification 3,

---[18]. Confirmation and Follow-up (al-Mutabi' wa'l- Shahid),

---[19]. Conclusion and Reform Proposals.


Also see Hadith and Sunnah,
Also see Forty Hadith,
Also see Hadith Collections,
Also see Hadith (Darsi)



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