A Treasury of Sacred Maxims : New

A Treasury of Sacred Maxims :
Al-Qaw?‘id al-Fiqhiyyah, New,
" A Commentary on Legal Maxims, "
*[-A5] Hardback - 168 pages,
by Shahrul Hussain,
Published by Kube,
Treasury Series in Islamic Thought & Civilisation.


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Description :

This inspiring collection of sacred maxims is drawn from the genre known in Arabic as al-qaw?‘id al-fiqhiyyah. These maxims are pithy sayings that Islamic scholars use as a guide for Islamic practice in a wide range of areas, from the rituals of worship to financial transactions. Though technically translated as “legal maxims”, the array of topics these maxims cover encompass the core ethical principles at the heart of the Shariah.

Given its concision, each maxim is rich in meaning, and the commentary provided by Dr Shahrul Hussain gives us a glimpse into the maxim’s significance. The commentaries, written by a Western Islamic scholar, bring out the relevance of each maxim to the English speaking reader.

This latest instalment in the publishers Treasury Series in Islamic Thought and Civilisation, will help deepen the understanding of key aspects of Shariah in its legal and ethical dimensions.

Synopsis : This beautiful collection discusses the legal and moral implication of some fundamental Islamic principles. With an emphasis upon literary quality, concision, and concentration of meaning, each aphorism is full of value and significance and typifies the tradition of qawa'id (legal maxims) in the Islamic intellectual sciences. A commentary accompanies each maxim.

Table of Contents :

---Transliteration Table,

---Introduction : A Brief Overview of Juristic Maxims,

---Maxim [1]. Works are According to their Ultimate Ends,
---Maxim [2]. Rewards are According to Intentions,
---Maxim [3]. Combing Acts of Worship,
---Maxim [4]. The Primacy of Intention in Contracts,
---Maxim [5]. Intent Takes Precedence over Words,
---Maxim [6]. The Explicit Has Primacy over the Implicit,
---Maxim [7]. When to Give Preference to Others,
---Maxim [8]. Intention in Devotional and Other Acts,
---Maxim [9]. The Principle of Removing Harm,
---Maxim [10]. Balancing Competing Harms,
---Maxim [11]. The Removal of Harm Takes Prededence,
---Maxim [12]. When the Unlawful Becomes Permitted,
---Maxim [13]. Proportionality in Exigent Circumstances,
---Maxim [14]. Degrees of Exigency,
---Maxim [15]. Considerations in the Removal of Harm,
---Maxim [16]. Taking the Lesser of Two Evils,
---Maxim [17]. The Prohibition of Causing Harm,
---Maxim [18]. A Principle for Prohibited Transactions,
---Maxim [19]. A Principle for Prohibited Acts,
---Maxim [20]. The Legal Significance of Custom,
---Maxim [21]. Custom Is a Legal Proof,
---Maxim [22]. Custom May Entail Legal Prohibition,
---Maxim [23]. Custom Has Priority over Literal Meaning,
---Maxim [24]. Only Established Custom is Considered,
---Maxim [25]. Isolated Examples are not Considered,
---Maxim [26]. Unstated Stipulations Based on Custom,
---Maxim [27]. What Custom Finds Detestable,
---Maxim [28]. Certainty Takes Precedence Over Doubt,
---Maxim [29]. The Presumption is Freedom from Liability,
---Maxim [30]. The Presumption is that Things Are Lawful,
---Maxim [31]. Literal Meaning Takes Precedence,
---Maxim [32]. The Presumption of Continuity,
---Maxim [33]. When the Lawful and Unlawful Mix,
---Maxim [34]. Hardship Brings Ease,
---Maxim [35]. Constriction Brings Ease,
---Maxim [36]. Benefits Bring Liability,
---Maxim [37]. Risk is Relative to Reward,
---Maxim [38]. The Validity of Multiple Ijtihads,
---Maxim [39]. The Subordinate Follows the Principle,
---Maxim [40]. The Proximate Cause Takes Precedence.




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*Dimensions : 18.5 x 11.8cm.



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