Sharh Futuh al Ghayb [A4] : Urdu

Sharh Futuh al Ghayb : Urdu, New,
*[A4] Large Hardback - 540 pages,
Futuh al Ghayb by Sayyadina Shaykh 'Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani,
Sharh by Shaykh Abd al-Haqq Muhaddith ad-Dehlawi,
Urdu Tarjuma by Allama Muhammad Mansha Tabish Qusuri,
Published by Nooriyya, Ridawwiyya Company, Lahore.

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Description :

This is an Urdu sharh  of '78' Discourses from Futuh al-Ghayb (Revelations of the Unseen) by al-Ghawth al-A'zam Sayyadina Shaykh 'Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani, may Allah be pleased with him

Perhaps the most well known collection of the great Shaykh's discourses. These short and powerful discourses cover topics of interest to every seeker of the spiritual path. A glimpse at the some of the topics covered will reassure the reader that the Shaykh is addressing issues that are as pertinent in this day and age as the day he spoke about them so many hundreds of years ago.

Here is a small sample of the [78] discourses :


  • ---On passing beyond the creation;
  • ---On drawing near to Allah Almighty;
  • ---On fear and hope;
  • ---On trust and its stages;
  • ---On how the contact [wusul] with Allah is attained;
  • ---On not complaining;
  • ---On the classification of the seeker's state;
  • ---On the two conditions of the self [nafs];
  • ---On the reason for the trials borne by certain believers;
  • ---On the seeker and the sought. 




Shaykh as-Shah Abd 'al-Haqq Muhaddith Dehlwi [ d. 1052 H - 1642 CE ] 'alayhi al-rahmah wa'l-ridwan, was born in Delhi, India. His father Saif al-Din, Rahmatullahi alayh, was a very pious and intellectual man, and this is a reason why Shah 'Abd-al-Haqq, Rahmatullahi alayh's, education and breeding was based on similar well founded principles. He was extremely fond of education and had a particular zest for learning from a very young age. Many hours of the day and the night were spent in reading and writing. After gaining his education in India, he was directed towards the Haramayn, Makkah in 996H. He stayed there for approx 3 and a half years, in which he attained his knowledge of Ahadith and also authored several books. 

Some of his most popular and recognised works are listed below;-

    Ash'at al-Lam'at : This is a commentary on the Mishkat Shareef.
    Tareekh al Madina' : Another well known and important book.
    Madarij an-Nabbuwaah' : A highly acclaimed classic.
    Akhbar ul Akhyar' : A ground breaking piece of writing in relation to the Awliya-Allah.

Shah 'Abd-al-Haqq, Rahmatullahi alayh, passed away at the age of 96, and is buried near the shrine of Khawaja Qutb al-Din Bakhtyar Kaki, Rahmatullahi alayh, in Delhi, India.






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  • Written by: Sh. Abd 'al-Qadir al-Jilani

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