The Devotion of Imam al Nawawi

 The Devotion of Imam al Nawawi : New,
Hizb al-Imam al-Nawawi,
*[A5] Hardback incl Dustjacket - 120 pages,
by Imam an-Nawawi [d.676h],
Transl. & Commentary by Dr. Umar F. Abdullah,
Published by Amal Press.

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Description :

'The Devotion of Imam al-Nawawi' : From Text to Tradition, Making the Profane, Sacred.

Written by one of the most celebrated scholars in Islamic History, The Devotion of Imam al-Nawawi is a beautiful remembrance and a gift from God to the community of His Beloved, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. It is highly respected and widely accepted by all spiritual paths. Among its many benefits is the subtle way it helps to purify intentions, facilitate aspirations, and give access to spiritual perfection. It asks for the protection for one's family, children, possessions and freinds against all harm. 

                    '' by God's will, those who recite the devotion will be within
                      God's special protection and providential care

This translation is accompanied by an introduction and commentary that seeks to provide the seeker of God with a deeper undertstanding of this devotion and of remembrance (dhikr) in general.

Review :

"This famous devotion of Imam al-Nawawi, an independent (mujtahid) jurist and traditionist of unimpeachable orthodoxy, has been recited by thousands upon thousands of Muslims over the centuries. A figure unanimously revered by Muslims of all denominations, he was undoubtedly the "Renewer" (mujadid) of his century. This translation is a necessary and long overdue addition to the Muslim library. A lucid and robustly referenced introduction and commentary considerably heighten its value." ---Dr. Mostafa al-Badawi.

Imam an Nawawi, alayhi ar-Rahman w'al-Ridwan, [631–676 A.H. /1234–1277C.E.] is one of the great Sufi scholars, strictest latter-time hadith masters, and most meticulous of jurists, 'Shaykh al-Islam' al-Imam Muhyiddin Yahya ibn Sharaf al-Nawawi is with al-Rafi`i as the principal reference of the late Shafi`i school.

His books remain authoritative in the methodology of the law, in Qur'an commentary, and in hadith. His commentary of Sahih Muslim is second only to Ibn Hajar's commentary of Sahih Bukhari. Allah Almighty gave his famous compilation of Forty Hadiths more circulation and fame than possibly any other book of hadith, large or small, and has allowed an-Nawawi to be of immense benefit to the Community of Islam.

Selection of Imam al-Nawawi's works.

Table of Contents :

---Transliteration Key,
---Publishers Acknowledgements,

------Special Courtesies of Recitation,
------The Excellence of Supplication & the Remembrance of God,
------Making the Remembrance of God Privately and Publicly, Silently and Aloud,
------Conclusion: The Validity of these and Similar Devotions and Supplications,

---About the Author,
--------His Teachers,
--------Arabic linguistics,
--------Holding the ruler accountable,
------His Death,

---The Devotion of the Qutb; Imam al-Nawawi,
------53 Devotions [English & Arabic] To be read Morning and Evening,

---The Commentary,
------The Explanation of the 53 Devotions [English],

-------Romanisation of the 53 Devotions [English],

---Select Biographies of Key Individuals,

Also see Du'a and Wazaif.

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