The Mekkan Treasure [1] : English/Arabic

The Mekkan Treasure
On the Subject of the Unseen :

Ad-Dawlat al-Makkiyah
bi'l Maddat al-Ghaybiyyah
First English Translation, with Arabic. [Book 1]
Large [A5+] Hardback - 356 pages,
by AlaHadrat, Imam Ahmad Raza Khan [d.1340h],
Transl. with Notes by Abdul Hadi Qadri.
Published by Sufi Pages.

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Description : (Bi-Lingual- English & Arabic)

First English translation of this famous book which contains irrefutable proofs of the Beloved Prophet's, May Allah bless him and grant him peace, 'Knowledge of the Unseen' - (Ilm al-Ghayb) as imparted to him by Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala.

Background: It was during a Haj pilgrimage, in Makkah, that Allamah Shaykh Saleh Kamaal, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi, presented A'laHadrat, Shaykh Imam Ahmad Rida Khan, 'alayhi ar-Rahman w'al-Ridwan, with five questions pertaining to I'lm-e-Ghayb (Knowledge of the Unseen). A'la Hadrat, 'alayhi ar-Rahman, had to answer these five questions within two days. It so happened that on the following day, A'la Hadrat, 'alayhi ar-Rahman, contracted a heavy fever. Despite this setback he still managed to answer all the relevant questions on the topic in a comprehensive manner. 

In fact, A'la Hadrat, 'alayhi ar-Rahman, presented such detailed answers to the
questions of I'lm-e-Ghayb, that it turned out to be a complete treatise on its own. He named this book, "Ad Dawlat al-Makkiyah bil Maddat il Ghaybiya." The learned Ulama (scholars) of Haramayn Sharifayn were totally astounded when Shaykh Imam Ahmad Rida Khan, 'alayhi ar-Rahman, presented this book to them on time. He completed this book (written in classical arabic) of approximately 400 pages in only 8 hours.

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