Ibn Hajr al-Asqalani

Imam Ibn Hajr al-Asqalani  [d. 852 H ]  

Imam Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajr Al-'Asqalani, ash-Shafi'i,  may Allah be pleased with him, was born on 10th Sha'ban, 773H, in Egypt. He memorised the Qur'an at the age of nine years and occupied himself with the promotion of the knowledge of Hadith, so he dwelt in its study, teaching, writing and giving Fatawa (religious verdicts). He also taught the Tafsir (interpretation of the Qur'an), the Hadith, the Fiqh (jurisprudence) and preached at many places like Al-Azhar, Jami' 'Amr and others. He also dictated to his students from his memory. Many highly educated people and distinguished scholars travelled to him to acquire from his vast knowledge. Ibn Hajr, may Allah be pleased with him, authored more than 150 books —most of them being in the studies of Hadith—which flourished during his lifetime, and the kings & princes exchanged them as gifts. As concerns his personality, Al-'Asqalani was humble, tolerant, patient and endurant. He was also described to be steadfast, prudent, selfless, generous, spender in charity and a person praying and fasting voluntarily. Ibn Hajr became the Qadi of Egypt, then Al-Sham was also added to his jurisdiction, which he held for more than twenty-one years. Imam Ibn Hajr, may Allah be pleased with him, passed away in the year 852H.

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