Ali al-Hujweri

Shaykh Sayyad 'Ali bin Uthman al-Hujweri, [d.469H/1077CE] 'alayhi al-rahmah wa'l-ridwan.

Hadrat Shaykh Sayyad Ali bin Uthman al-Hujweri, may Allah be pleased with him, known universally as 'Data Ganj Bakhsh' - (Bestower of Spiritual Treasures) belonged to a place called Hujwer in the town of Ghazna, Afghanistan. He lived during the 5th century A.H. (11th century C.E.) and was well versed in all the Islamic sciences such as Tafsir (exegesis) of the Qur'an, Hadith (Traditions of the Prophet), Fiqh (Muslim Law) and dogmatic theology (Ilm ul Kalam). Al-Hujweri's spiritual lineage traces back to Junaid al-Baghdadi, May Allah be pleased with him, through the three intermediaries al-Husri, an-Nasrabi, and Shibli.

In the course of his spiritual journey to God, he journeyed physically to many countries, often alone and with hardship. These places included Turkestan, Transoxania, Iran, Iraq, and Syria where he met innumerable Sufi shaykhs, many of whom he has mentioned in his book '
Kashful Mahjub.' He went to Lahore in the later part of this life to spread Islam, converting large numbers of Hindus into Muslims. He passed away in Lahore in 469 A.H. (1077 C.E.) where his maqam currently stands, visited by people of all walks of life, from near and far. Also popularly known as 'Data Sahib'.

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