'A'la Hadrat' as-Shah as-Shaykh Imam Ahmad
    Raza (Rida) Khan, al-Qadiri, Fadil al-Barelwi,
    ar-Rahman w'al-Ridwan
, was a great Muslim scholar and
    Saint, who lived in India between 1856 & 1921. He was
    popularly known as "A'la Hadrat" in the Islamic world.
    Shaykh Imam Ahmad Rida achieved the status of a
    versatile scholar and obtained a high distinction in over
    50 branches of learning. On his visit to Makkah tul
and Madinah tul Munawwarah, the
    shaykh was treated with utmost dignity and was
    conferred the title of "Imam-e-Ahl al-Sunnat" by
    eminent Ulema (scholars). He was also hailed as the
or Reviver of the Century. He acted as a shield
    against those who wanted to assault the principles of
the Ahl as-Sunnah wa'l Jama'ah (the majority group of muslims who follow the Sunnah).
As a devout Sufi, A'la Hadrat; Shaykh Ahmad Raza Khan, may Allah be pleased with him,
was awarded the Ijaazah & Khilafat (Certificate of Spiritual Successorship) in the Qadiriya
(Order), as well as in 13 other branches of Sufism. As an author, A'la Hadrat left to
his credit more than a 1,000 books on 50 different subjects ranging from Tafseer, Logic,
Grammar, Literature, Islamic Jurisprudence, Education, Sociology, Astronomy,
Mathematics, Physics, History, Science of History, Engineering, Biographies, Philosophy,
Tasawwuf to Persian, Arabic, Urdu and Hindi Literature.

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The Sound Certificates - Al-Ijazat al-Mateenah li Ulama’i makkata wa al-Madinah

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