Sh. Hamza Yusuf

  DVD : Hamza Yusuf is one of the leading proponents of
  classical learning in Islam. He has promoted Islamic
  sciences and classical teaching methodologies throughout
  the world. He has also been a strong advocate for social
  justice, peace and conviviality among peoples and places.
  For several years, he has argued that the 'them versus us'
  problem is fundamentally flawed, as he considers himself
  one of 'them' as well as one of 'us.'

 Hamza Yusuf has been a passionate and outspoken critic of American foreign policy as well as Islamic extremist responses to those policies. He has drawn criticism from both  the extreme right in the West and Muslim extremists in the East. Ed Hussain has written that Hamza Yusuf’s teachings were instrumental to his abandoning extremism.