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General Sufism

Keys to the Divine Kingdom
Keys to the Divine Kingdom
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  • Authored by: Sh. Hisham Kabbani

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Details:  Keys to the Divine Kingdom,
'Lessons on the Mystical Aspects of Man and Science,'
*[A5+] Paperback - 100 pages, Back in Stock March 2018,
by Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani,
Published by Islam Supreme Council of America.

Description :

About the Book : God said, "We have created everything in pairs." This has to do with reality versus imitation. Our physical form here in this earthly life is only a reflection of our heavenly form. Like plastic fruit and real fruit, one is real, while the other is an imitation.

This book looks at the nature of the physical world, the laws governing the universe and from this starting point, jumps into the realm of spiritual knowledge - Sufi teachings which must be "tasted" as opposed to read or spoken. It will serve to open up to the reader the mystical path of saints which takes human beings from the world of forms and senses to the world within the heart, the world of Gnosis and spirituality - a world filled with wonders and blessings.

There are dregrees of nearness.
Simply by existing,
Every creature lives near the Creator,
But there's nobility
deeper than just being.
The sun warms generally the
But it illuminates the shaft of
A Gold Mine.

About the Author:

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani is a scholar from the Middle East. He graduated with a B.A. in Chemistry from the American University of Beirut and then went to Louvain, Belgium to continue his medical studies. He later received his Islamic law degree, then went on to study the Sufi spiritual path with two great masters of wisdom. Shaykh Kabbani is the  chairman of the Islamic Supreme Council of America, an educational organisation based in Michigan.

Table of Contents :

---Editors Notes,
---Universally Recognised Symbols,

[I]. The Orientalist :
---The Knowledge of Papers and the Knowledge of Taste,
---The Arrogance of Satan,
---Man's Knowledge Is but a Drop in the Ocean,
---The Mantle of Guidance,
---The Orientalist meets Grandshaykh,
---The Seed,
---A Focused Beam of Light,
---The Egg,
---The Womb,
---Imam al-Ghazali and the Fly,
---Gnostic of Paper or Gnostic of Taste.

[II]. Degrees of Nearness :
---Know Thyself,
---An Hours Contemplation,
---Meditation of the Breath,
---Making Good Intentions,
---Night Vigilance,
---Those who Remember God,
---The Knowledge of Taste,
---Why the Prophet, ﷺ, Cried,
---Poison for the Body,
---The Effects of Envy,
------True Justice,
---Blessed are the Peacemakers,
---Aceepting Difficulties,
---Dhikr and Energy Points,
---Those Who Contemplate the Creation,
---Mirror Images,
---Concentration in Prayer,
---When God Sends His Mercy.

[III]. Saints and Shaykhs :
---Saints Protect and Monitor and Protect Everyone,
---The Presentation of Charts,
---The Characteristics of Saints,
---Approaching the Shaykh with 'cut cloth,'
---Helium, Lightness of Being, and Rumi,
---Stars on a Dark Night,
---Encrypted Messages,
---Energy Secrets of One and Eight,
---Communication between Saints,
---The Categories of Saints,
---How Saints Carry the Burden of Mankind,
---He is sentenced to Death by Stoning,
---Beyond the Edge of Existence, into Reality.

[IV]. Science and the Hidden World :
---The Miracle of the Sun,
---Two Kinds of Energy,
---The Scientific and Spiritual Nature of Creation,
---Composition of DNA,
---The Knowledge that was Revealed to the Prophet, ﷺ,
---The Miracle of the Moon,
---Creations Infinite Detail,
---Signs on the Horizon,
---Heavenly Technology is the Original Technology,
---Imitations of Reality,
---What Became of the Seed,
---Big Screens,
---The Secret Life of Cells.

[V]. Polishing ther Heart :
---"An Atoms Weight of Good,"
---Fire from a Green Tree,
---The House of Illnesses,
---Nutritionists of the Heart,
---The Reality of Veils,
------A Murid of Buyazid Bistami, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi,
---The Veils Lifted,
---Polishing the Heart,
---Annihilation : The Poem of Ali, may Allah be pleased with him,
---Knowledge that Ends.

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