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Arabic Learning

Teach Yourself Arabic by A.T. Ayyad
Teach Yourself Arabic by A.T. Ayyad
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Details:  Teach Yourself Arabic : Rules of Reading and Writing,
*[A5] Paperback - 114 pages, Back in Stock August 2017,
by A.T.Ayyad,
Published by Taha Publishers.

Description :

If knowledge of the Arabic language is one of the doorways to understanding the teachings of Islam, then this book is one of its keys. It presents the basic rules of reading, writing and understanding the Arabic language in an uncomplicated way.

This book dispenses entirely with rules of grammar, unless they are useful and equate with a rule of reading and writing. As a matter of fact, people never care for the rules of grammar when they deal with each other in their daily common affairs. But grammar surely is very useful and essential for acquiring the treasures of knowledge preserved in books.

This is an excellent Arabic text book for beginners, both young and old.

Table of Contents :


[1]. The Alphabet (Simplified),
------Arabic Letters with Sounds not found in standard English,
---How do you Write Arabic?
------Connecting letters practice.

[2]. Groups of Connected Letters,
---a. Two Letters,
---b. Three Letters,
---c. Four Letters,
---d. Five Letters,
---e. Six Letters,
---f. Seven Letters,

[3]. How to Read Arabic ( basic vowels),
----1. Fatha,
----2. Kasra,
-------Grammar note.
----3. Damma,
--------Grammar Note : Active and Passive,
----4. Sukun.

[4]. Prolongation - Al-Madd,
----1. The long Fatha,
----2. The long Kasra,
----3. The long Damma,

[5]. Table of Basic Vowels, Numerals.
-----The Arabic Numerals,

[6]. The Derived Vowels :
----1. Nunation (tanwin),
--------a. Two Fathas,
--------b. Two Kasras,
--------c. Two Dammas,
---------A and The -
----2. Doubling (tashdid),
--------a. Shadda with Fatha,
--------b. Shadda with Damma,
--------c. Shadda with Kasra,
----3. Nunation and Doubling both together (tanwin and tashdid),
--------a. Shadda with double Fathas,
--------b. Shadda with double Dammas,
--------c. Shadda with double Kasras,

[7]. Vowel Signs and their English Equivalent,
------Basic vowel signs and their equivalent,

[8]. Table of All Vowel Signs,
------Further Numerals,

[9]. How do you formulate the Active Particple?
---Three lettered verb;

[10]. How do you formulate the Passive Particple?
---Three lettered verb;

[11]. Again to "The" (sun letters and moon letters),
---Sun letters,
---Moon letters,

[12]. Sentence Structure:
----1. The Verbal Sentence,
----2. The Nominal Sentence,

[13]. The Rules of Hamza;
---The Initial Hamza,
---The Final Hamza,
---The Middle Hamza.

[14]. Readings;
----1. A Converstion between 'Omar and Charles,
----2. Good morning!
----3. "I am sorry!"
----4. Good evening!
----5. An Invitation to Tea,
----6. The Day,
----7. The Week,
----8. Months of the Christian Year,
----9. The Muslim Year.

[15]. Stories and Tales;
---"You are right!"
---"An Unattainable Aim!"
---A Lion, a Fox and a Wolf,
---The Farmer and the Hoopoe.

[16]. Proverbs and Aphorisms,

[17]. Miscellaneous:
----1. Punctuation Marks,
----2. Numerical Values of the Arabic Alphabet,
----3. Abbreviations.

Appendix - Grammar Notes (footnotes) :
------Personal Pronouns,
------Relative Pronouns,
------Conditional Pronouns,
------Interogative Pronouns,
---Further Explanation on the Verb,
---Singular, Dual and Plural.

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*Dimensions :  21 x 14.8cm.

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