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Conservation of Hadith
Conservation of Hadith
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Dictionary of Islam : New
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Musnad Imam Ahmad : 12 Vols, Arabic
Musnad Imam Ahmad : 12 Vols, Arabic
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Qasida Burdah

Qasidah Burdah Sharif
Qasidah Burdah Sharif
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  • Authored by: Imam al-Busiri

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Details:  Qasidah Burdah Sharif  (The Mantle Ode),
Hardback - 120 pages,
By Imam Sharfuddin bin Saeed al-Busairi,
Rendered into English with Interpretation by:  Muhammad Riaz Qadri.
English and Arabic with commentary.

Description :

Preface ...'' Having 164 couplets the Qasidah Burdah is considered as the most humble submission by the ordinary follower to his venerable liege, Hadrat Muhammad, Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam, for manifesting his excellent traits and attributes for the preaching of Islam and a mean of invoking his kindness and compassion to humanity.''


Contents :

---The Reality of Muhammad, Peace & Blessings be upon him,

---The Virtues of Blessing (Darood Shareef),

---History of the Qasidahs in the Honour of Rasulullah, Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,

---Brief Biography of Imam Busairi, 'alayhi ar-Rahman,

---Qasidah Burdah : An Introduction,

---Reason for writing al-Burdah,

---The Virtues and Blessing of the Qasidah Burdah Sharif,

---The Etiquettes of Reciting the Qasidah,

---The Mantle Poem of al-Busairi - The Qasidah Burdah.


The Burdah :

---Ardency of Love,

---Subjugating the lower-self,

---On the Praise of the Beloved Prophet,

---On the Birth of the Beloved Prophet,

---Miracles of the Beloved Prophet,

---Eminence and Glory of the Noble Qur'an,

---On the Ascension (Mir'aj) of the Beloved Prophet,

---Holy Wars (jihad) against the enemies,

---Seeking forgiveness of Allah Most High and the Intercession (shaf'at) of the Beloved Prophet,

---Supplications for Divine Grace,



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