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Kitab Usul al-Din : Arabic
Kitab Usul al-Din : Arabic
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Details:  Kitab Usul al-Din : Arabic, New,
[A4] Hardback - 366 pages,
by Shaykh Jamal al-Din al-Ghaznawi al-Hanafi [d.593h],
Published by Dar al-Bashayr al-Islamiyyah.

Description :

Kitab Usul al-Din - The Book of the Principles of Religion (Islamic Theology) by the renowned Hanafi scholar Imam Jamal al-Din Ahmad bin Muhammad al-Ghaznawi, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi.

About the Author :

He is Shaykh al-Imam Jamal al-Din Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Mahmud bin. Sa'id bin Nuh al-Qabisi al-Ghaznawi al-Hanafi. He is widely known as Taj al-Hanaf, it has also been said his name was Muhammad instead of Ahmad. Not much of his early academic life is known nor documented except that many have mentioned his knowledge and his written works.

Amongst his teachers were;

--- Imam 'ala al-Din Abi Bakr b. Mas'ud al-Kasani, Malak al-'Ulama, author of Bada'i al-Sana'i [d. 587],
--- Ahmed al-'Aridhi al-Alawi al-Husayni [d. 648],

Amongst his works are:

--- al-Hawi al-Qudsi fi'l Furu',
--- Rawdhah Ikhtilaf al-'Ulama,
--- Rawdhah al-Mutakalimin fi Usul al-Din,
--- 'Aqa'id al-Ghaznawi,
--- Kitab al-Usul fi'l Fiqh,
--- Mukhtasar Rawdhah al-Mutakalimin, popularly known as al-Muntaqa min Rawdhah al-Mutakalimin,
--- al-Muqadimmat al-Ghaznawiyyah fi'l Furu',
--- al-Nutf fi'l Fatawa,

and many more other works.

He passed away in Aleppo, Syria in the year 593 hijri and was burried near the tomb of Prophet Ibrahim, alayhi salaam.

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