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Sharh al-Mirqat
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Arabic Dictionaries

Al-Qamus al-Muhit Arabic Dictionary
Al-Qamus al-Muhit Arabic Dictionary
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Details:  Al Qamus al Muhit : Arabic Dictionary : New,
*[-A4] Large Hardback- 1437 pages,
Compiled by Majid al-Din ibn Yaqub al-Fayruzabadi [d.817h],
Published by Dar al-Marefah, Beirut.

Description :

Al-Qamus al-Muhith (The Arabic Dictionary) with 10,400 entries was compiled by Muhammad bin Ya’qub al-Fayruzabadi (d. 817 AH).

Al-Fayruzabadi relied primarily on Al-Muhkam of ibn Sidah (d. 458 AH) and Al-Ubab of Al-Saghani (d. 660 AH). He arranged his dictionary by order of the final letters in the roots, rather than the first, in imitation of Al-Jawhari’s (d. 393) Al-Sihah, in order to more easily engage in commenting on and criticising the latter work.

Al-Fayruzabadi was thus able to combine the contents of the three most prestigious dictionaries which preceded him. While doing so, he took out the many references and quotations from classical poets and other extraneous information which is typically found in larger dictionaries, to make his dictionary as concise as possible.

In this one-volume Arabic dictionary, Al-Fayruzabadi was able to include over 10,000 entries – a vast number, when one thinks that Ibn Mandhur’s (d. 711 AH) multi-volume Lisan al-‘Arab, which is many times greater in size, has only 20,000 more entries. Thus, Al-Qamus al-Muhit was a quick and reliable reference, and it gained immense popularity amongst Arabic students.

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