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Hadith (Arabic)

KanAllah wa Lam Yakun Shay\' Ghayruh : Arabic
KanAllah wa Lam Yakun Shay' Ghayruh : Arabic
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Details:  Hadith Kan Allah wa Lam Yakun Shay' Ghayruh : Arabic, New,
*[A5] Paperback - 58 pages,
by Shaykh Salah al-Din al-Idlibi,
Published by Dar al-Fatih, Jordan.

Description :

Hadith 'Kan-Allah wa Lam Yakun Shay' Ghayruh, Riwayatun wa Dirayatan
'Aqidatan - is a small treatise analysing the transmissions and benefit of the Hadith/Athar of 'Allah Existed while Nothing Else Existed' - A statement that has been the centre of many discussions and debates.

The author lays out the foundation in methods of ascertaining transmissions of this sort, the opinions of the scholars, as well as the various transmissions of hadith and their weakness/strength.

Shaykh Salah al-Din bin Ahmad al-Idlibi was born in 1367/1948 the city of Aleppo, and studied at the secondary in Shari'a, then at the Faculty of Law at the University of Damascus, and then onto the 'Dar al-Hadith Hassania' in Rabat, where he got a diploma graduate master's degree in Islamic sciences and Hadith, and then after the Doctoral in Islamic sciences and Hadith. He has studied the subject of Hadith and its sciences and in addition number of other legal degrees in various institutes or universities of which two years in University of al-Qarawwiyin in the Faculty of Arabic Language in Marrakech, Morocco and ten years in Imam Muhammad Ibn Sa'ud Islamic University in Riyadh, as well as four years at the Faculty of Islamic and Arabic Studies in Dubai.

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