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The Complaint & The Answer
The Complaint & The Answer
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Islamic Heritage

Destiny Disrupted HB
Destiny Disrupted HB
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Details: Destiny Disrupted : A History of the World through Islamic Eyes,
*[A5+] Hardback with Dustjacket - 412 pages,
by Tamim Ansary,
Published by PublicAffairs Books.

Book Description :

This sweeping history illuminates how Muslims must have seen the history of the world - and what western world history leaves out.

We in the West share a common narrative of world history - that runs from the Nile Valley and Mesopotamia, through Greece and Rome and the French Revolution, to the rise of the secular state and the triumph of democracy. But our story largely omits a whole civilization that until quite recently saw itself at the center of world history, and whose citizens shared an entirely different narrative for a thousand years.

In "Destiny Disrupted", Tamim Ansary tells the rich story of world history as the Islamic world saw it, form the time of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad, May Allah bless him and grant him peace, to the fall of the Ottoman Empire and beyond. He clarifies why our civilizations grew up oblivious to each other, what happened when they intersected, and how the Islamic world was affected by its slow recognition that Europe - a place it long perceived as primitive and disorganised - had somehow hijacked destiny.

Entertaining and enlightening, "Destiny Disrupted" also offers a vital perspective on current conflicts.

Table of Contents :

---Praise & Reviews,
---List of Maps,
---Names and Dates,

---[1]. The middle world,
---[2]. The hijra,
---[3]. Birth of the khalifate,
---[4]. The schism,
---[5]. Empire of the Umayyads,
---[6]. The Abassid age,
---[7]. Scholars, philosophers, and sufis,
---[8]. Enter the Turks,
---[9]. Havoc,
---[10]. Rebirth,
---[11]. Meanwhile in Europe,
---[12]. West comes East,
---[13]. The reform movements,
---[14]. Industry, constitutions, and nationalism,
---[15]. Rise of the secular modernists,
---[16]. The crisis of modernity,
---[17]. The tide turns.

---Appendix : The Structure of Islamic Doctrine

Paperback Edition also available.

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*Dimensions : 24.3 x 16.5cm.

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