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5 Pillars

Essentials of Islam : Least we should Know
Essentials of Islam : Least we should Know
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Details:   Essentials of Islam : The Least We Should Know,
[A5] Paperback - [xxii + 184] Total 206 pages,
by Mohammad Masood Ahmed, Suhrawardi al-Ashrafi,
Published by Global Islamic Mission, USA.

From the back cover :

              '' O Faithful Believers! Enter into Islam with complete submission
                 and do not follow in the footsteps of shaytan, undoubtedly, he is
                 for you a manifest enemy
[al-Qur'an 2:208].

Description :

The above verse from the Sacred Qur'an commands the faithful believers to completely submit themselves into Islam. They must embrace every principle and practice of Islam and abide by it throughout their life. They are not permitted to pick and choose whatever they prefer and leave out whatever they dislike. Therefore, it is essential for every Muslim to acquire knowledge of Islam and its demands to know how to live accordingly to its rules and regulations. Without proper understanding and unconditional submission to Islam, Muslims cannot fulfill the requirement of this holy revelation.

This short but precise book, if studied carefully, allows a Muslim to understand and practise the basics of Islam. It lays the foundation upon which Muslims can build and strengthen their faith and puts them on the long journey to ultimate success.

Table of Contents :

---An Important Request,
---Publishers Note, 
---A Brief Overview,
------How can one enter into Islam?

---Part [I]. The Cardinal Articles of Faith (Explained in detail),
------1. Faith in Allah Almighty,
------2. Faith in Angels,
------3. Faith in the Holy Books,
------4. Faith in the Prophets,
------5. Faith of the Day of Judgement (Qiyyamah),
------6. Fate, (Good & Bad) destiny (al qadr),
------7. Faith in Life After Death (akhirah).

---Part [II]. The Five Pillars of Islam,
------[1]. Kalima-e-Tayyibah and other Kalima's (Testimony),
----------1. Who is Muhammad, may Allah bless him & grant him peace,
----------2. Prophet Muhammad, salla Allahu alayhi wa Sallam's, Arrival,
----------3. The Names of His Parents,
----------4. Who took care of the Prophet, may Allah bless him & grant him peace,
--------Kalima e Shahadat,
--------Kalima e Tamjeed,
--------Kalima e Tauheed,
--------Kalima e Istaghfaar,
--------Kalima e Radd e Kufr.
------[2]. Prayer : Salaah,
----------Salaah Chart,
----------Niyya (Intention),
----------The Salaah,
----------Requirements for Salaah,
----------How to perform Salaah,**
----------Easy Steps to perform Salaah,
----------Qasr Salaah,
----------Qaza Salaah,
----------Wudu and Salaah Illustrations,
------[3]. Saum (fasting),
----------How to observe Saum,
----------Is anyone exempted from Fasting?
----------Who can defer the Fast ?
----------The obligatory factors in Fasting?
----------The optional factors in Fasting?
----------Penalties for intentionally breaking the fast before Iftaar!
----------Salat al-Taraweeh.
------[4]. Zakaat : Islamic Alms-Giving (Charity to the Poor),
----------Who is obliged to give Zakaat?
----------How much Zakaat is obligated to be taken out for charity,
----------Who is eligible to receive Zakaat ?
----------Who is ineligible to receive Zakaat ?
----------Sadqat ul-Fitr,
-----------How much is Sadqat ul-Fitr?
-----------Who is eligible to receive Sadqat ul-Fitr?
-----------When should Sadqat ul-Fitr be distributed?
------[5]. The Hajj : Sacred Pilgrimage to Makkah,
-----------Eid al-Adha,
-----------Udhiya, (Qurbani/animal sacrifice),
-----------Eid Salaah.

----How to perform Salaat ul Janazah,
----For Sisters,
------Regarding Muslim women praying in the Masjid,
------What are Haiz, Nifas and Istihaza?
------Forbidden (haraam) acts during Haiz or Nifaas,

---Part [III]. General Knowledge/History,
------Brief History,
------Islamic Highlights,
------What is Shirk ?
------What is Bidaa' ?
------What is Jihad ?
------Masjid Etiquettes,
------Alam-e-Barzakh, (The living world of the deceased).

------The Islamic Calendar,
-------1. Muharram,
-------2. Safar,
-------3. Rabi al-Awwal,
-------4. Rabi as-Sani,
-------5. Jumadi al-Awwal,
-------6. Jumadi as-Sani,
-------7. Rajab,
-------8. Sha'ban,
-------9. Ramadan,
-------10. Shawwal,
-------11. Zul Qa'adah,
-------12. Zul Hijjah.

------Final Ten Surah's of the Holy Qur'an,
--------[Surah 105] Surah al-Fil,
--------[Surah 106] Surah al-Quraysh,
--------[Surah 107] Surah al-Ma'uun,
--------[Surah 108] Surah al-Kawthar,
--------[Surah 109] Surah al-Kaafirun,
--------[Surah 110] Surah al-Nasr,
--------[Surah 111] Surah al-Lahab,
--------[Surah 112] Surah al-Ikhlas,
--------[Surah 113] Surah al-Falaq,
--------[Surah 114] Surah al-Nas.

------Darood Shareef,
------Du'as and Supplications,
------Asma-al-Husna (99 Names of Allah, Subhanahu wa ta'ala).

---Test Questionnaire.

** Where appropriate the Arabic text has English translation including Romanisation (Transliteration).

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