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Sharafuddin Maneri : The Hundred Letters
Sharafuddin Maneri : The Hundred Letters
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  • Authored by: Sh. Sharafuddin Maneri

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Details:  Sharafuddin Maneri : The Hundred Letters -
**[A4-] Paperback - 477 pages,
by Sharafuddin Ahmad ibn Yahya Maneri,
Introduction & Translation by Paul Jackson,
Foreword by Bruce Lawrence,
Preface by Sayed Hasan Askari.

Part of the Great 'Classics of Western Spirituality,'
A Library of the Great Spiritual Masters.

Description :

The tradition of letter writing among Sufis has a long history both within and beyond South Asian Islam. The early ascetics of tenth century Baghdad corresponded with one another, and Abu Nasr Sarraj (d.988) from Tus in eastern Iran refers to their literary activities in his compendium of Sufi doctrine, Kitab al-Luma.

The Hundred Letters was prized among all the Sufi circles of medieval India, having been quoted by the Mughal traditionist and biographer Shaykh Abdul Haqq, the Muhaddith of Delhi in his classic account of Indo-Muslim saints, Akbar al-Akhyar (The Conduct of the Pious), and also by the renowned seventeenth century revivalist Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindi in his copious letters Maktubat-i Imam Rabbani. Known as "The Spiritual Teacher of the Realm," Sharafuddin Maneri, may Allah have mercy upon him, is venerated as one of the most famous Islamic saints. This Sufi master was born in Bengal in Northeast India where he lived, taught, and founded the Firdausiya order of Bihar.

These letters were written to the Governor of Chausa in Western Bihar as a basic presentation of his teachings for spiritual advancement. Dr. Bruce Lawrence in his foreword says of the letters that "they are unrivaled…and cannot be surpassed…as an invitation to experience the Sufi Way as a Sufi master experienced and described it, to join him in the endless struggle which has been ordained for man alone in the whole created order, to seek perfection while clinging to the pain of love."

Syed Hasan Askari in speaking of Maneri says, "He still enjoys immense popularity in religious and official circles, among non-Muslims as well as Muslims, a tribute which has been denied to other Sufi masters…"

           ''When, however, the light of God Almighty comes into view
             without the veil of soul or heart, it becomes perfectly clear.
             There is no colour, quality, limit, comparison, or contrast to it.
             It itself is the stability and firm support of all existing beings.
             Here there remains neither rising nor setting; right nor left;
             height nor depth; space nor time; near nor far; day nor night;
             neither earth nor world nor heaven itself. Here the pen breaks;
             the tongue is tied; the intellect sinks into the pit of nothingness,
             while understanding and knowledge are lost in the wilderness
             of amazement.
'' ---Ibn Yahya Maneri, c 1263-1381.

Table of Contents :

---Preface, by Sayed Hasan Askari,
---Foreword, by Bruce Lawrence,
---Introduction, by Paul Jackson,
------Sharafuddin b. Yahaya Maneri,
------The Text of the Hundred Letters,
------The Translation,
------The Indices.

The Hundred Letters

---Letter [1]. Belief in the Unity of God,
---Letter [2]. Repentance,
---Letter [3]. Reconciling offended parties,
---Letter [4]. The Renewal of Repentance,
---Letter [5]. Searching for a Spiritual Guide,
---Letter [6].The Qualifications of a Shaykh,
---Letter [7]. Discipleship,
---Letter [8]. Sainthood,
---Letter [9]. Saintliness,
---Letter [10]. The Miracles of Saints,
---Letter [11]. The States of the Righteous,
---Letter [12]. Lights,
---Letter [13]. Unveiling the Mysteries,
---Letter [14]. Manifestation,
---Letter [15]. Union with God,
---Letter [16]. The Traveler and the Ecstatic
---Letter [17]. The Source of Error for the Traveler,
---Letter [18]. The Sources of Human Error
---Letter [19]. Visible and Invisible Diseases,
---Letter [20]. The Grace of Prophets and the Grace of Saints,
---Letter [21]. The Faults of the Prophets,
---Letter [22]. The Origin of Sufism,
---Letter [23]. In Quest of the Way,
---Letter [24]. Fundamentals of the Way,
---Letter [25]. The Law and the Way,
---Letter [26]. The Law and the Truth,
---Letter [27]. The Imitation of the Messenger, may Allah bless him & grant him peace,
---Letter [28]. Fixing One's Spiritual Routine from the Outset,
---Letter [29]. Purity,
---Letter [30]. Purity: A Further Explanation,
---Letter [31]. Right Intention,
---Letter [32]. Ritual Prayer,
---Letter [33]. Fasting,
---Letter [34 ]. Almsgiving,
---Letter [35]. The Pilgrimage of Makkah,
---Letter [36]. Resolving Difficulties through Invocatory Prayer & the Recitation of Qur'anic Verses,
---Letter [37]. Divine Worship,
---Letter [38]. Service,
---Letter [39]. Service - A Further Explanation,
---Letter [40]. The Effective Formula,
---Letter [41]. Naked Faith,
---Letter [42]. Sincerity of Faith,
---Letter [43]. Gratitude for the Blessing of Islam,
---Letter [44]. Hidden Polytheism,
---Letter [45]. Mystical Knowledge of the Transcendent Creator,
---Letter [45]. The Love of Saints and Their Obedience,
---Letter [47]. The Signs of Love,
---Letter [48]. The Command ConcerningAffectionate Love and Passionate Love,
---Letter [49]. The Seeker of God Almighty,
---Letter [50]. In Quest of God,
---Letter [50]. The Way to God,
---Letter [52]. Speech and Behaviour,
---Letter [53]. Spiritual Resolve,
---Letter [54]. Encouraging the Disciple,
---Letter [55]. Encouragement to Acquire Knowledge,
---Letter [56]. The First Step in Discipleship,
---Letter [57]. Concerning the First Step of a Disciple,
---Letter [58]. The States of a Muslim,
---Letter [59]. Praiseworthy Virtues,
---Letter [60]. Meditation,
---Letter [61]. Separation and Detachment,
---Letter [62]. Separation and Detachment : A Further Explanation,
---Letter [63]. Keeping Pure the Path of Faith,
---Letter [64]. The Fear of God
---Letter [65]. Righteousness,
---Letter [66]. Lineage,
---Letter [67]. A Good Mental Attitude,
---Letter [68]. The World to Come,
---Letter [69]. Retaining or Abandoning Possessions,
---Letter [70]. Companionship of the Group,
---Letter [71]. Service,
---Letter [72]. Purification of Bad Habits,
---Letter [73]. Greed and Petitionary Prayers,
---Letter [74]. An Explanation of the World, & Petitionary Prayers for Expiating Sins,
---Letter [75]. Abandoning the World,
---Letter [76]. Bliss and Misery,
---Letter [77]. The Secrets of Fate and Predestination,
---Letter [78]. Hope and Fear,
---Letter [79]. Spirit,
---Letter [80]. The Heart,
---Letter [81]. The Lower Soul,
---Letter [82]. Inordinate Desire,
---Letter [83]. Curbing the Lower Soul,
---Letter [84]. Struggle with and Controlling One's Lower Soul,
---Letter [85]. Liberation from One's Lower Soul,
---Letter [86]. Coming to Terms with Oneself,
---Letter [87]. The Differences in Stages, and a Prayer for Overcoming Difficulties,
---Letter [88]. Heedlessness,
---Letter [89]. Grief,
---Letter [90]. Healing,
---Letter [91]. Dress,
---Letter [92]. Blame,
---Letter [93]. Listening to Music,
---Letter [94]. Seclusion,
---Letter [95]. Separation from People,
---Letter [96]. The Forty-Day Retreat,
---Letter [97]. Death,
---Letter [98]. Promises and Threats,
---Letter [95]. Hell,
---Letter [100]. Heaven.

------Index to Preface, Foreword, Introduction and Notes,
------Index to Text.

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