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Man Huwa Muawiya : Urdu
Man Huwa Muawiya : Urdu
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Qur'an Set [3] 6 Volumes
Qur'an Set [3] 6 Volumes
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The Sufi Path of Annihilation
The Sufi Path of Annihilation
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Prophet Muhammad

Muhammad Mustafa the Elect 2 Vols
Muhammad Mustafa the Elect 2 Vols
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  • Authored by: Sh. Osman Nuri Topbas

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Details:  The Prophet Muhammad Mustafa the Elect - 2 Vols, NEW,
[A5+] Paperback - 1051 pages, 2 Volume Set,
by Shaykh Osman Nuri,
English translation by : Suleyman Derin & Erdinc Atasever,
Copy Editor : Shaykh Gibril Fouad al-Haddad.

Volume 1 - 470 pages,
Volume 2 - 581 pages,
Published by Erkam Publications, Turkey.

Description :

Considering it is the Light (Nur) of Muhammad that provides the reason for existence of all creation, it is impossible to do justice, solely through these humble words, to a life so unique and unblemished, of a man honoured as My Beloved by the Creator. Still, there await countless benefits for each and every person, depending on aptitude, in nonetheless attempting to narrate the life of the Blessed Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and pass on his characteristics to new generations. Thus we will consider ourselves honoured, if through this work, we are able to receive so little as a glimpse of the exceptional character of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and to emulate his great morals.

                    “As long as I have life in this body, I am the slave of
                     the Qur'an and the dust in the path of Muhammad
                     the Chosen ... My complaints shall abide against
                     anyone who relates from me something contradicting
---Mawlana Rumi.

Let it be known that we are far from making the absurd claim to have understood and explained the Noble Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, as befits him. With respect to the magnificence of the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, our words should much rather be taken like a flimsy ray of light that pierces through a punctured felt covering a lamp.

Shaykh Ghalib, one of the greatest figures of classical Ottoman poetry, gives expression to his love and respect for the Blessed Prophet,  may Allah bless him and grant him peace, in the following :

                     ''Master... The Sultan of all Prophets, an illustrious king,
                      The eternal cure you are, Master, for the desperate and ailing,
                      Master, you are the most valued soul in the abode of the Lord,
                      Who vowed on your life, Master, by Divine words reinforced,
                      Ahmad, Mahmud and Muhammad, you are, praised out of all kinds,
                      A Mercy for us from the Lord, strengthened through the Divine ...

So high is the value of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, in the Divine sight that the Almighty considers obedience to the Prophet to be obedience to Himself. Even a little disobedience of the Blessed Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, is enough to annul religious deeds and make them meaningless. Respect for him is taken as a test of piety; even addressing the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, improperly was considered as a residue of ignorance. Allah the Glorious has thus declared the necessity of observing the remembrance of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, in our hearts and tongues, even commanding us to recite during each in daily Salat (ritual Prayer) :

                         Assalamu 'alayka ayyuhan Nabiyyu
                         wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

                         “Peace be upon you O Prophet,
                          as well as the mercy and blessings of Allah!”


The work which is presented here is the expanded edition of the fourth volume of Nebiler
, which was first published in Turkish. The first three volumes covered the lives of previous Prophets. The fourth volume, an outline of the life and times of the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, has been, in this new edition, expanded into a larger two-volume account, the first on the Meccan period, and the second on the Madinan period of the Prophet’s, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, life

Volume One : The Meccan Period :

Table of Contents

------The Significance of Knowing the Life of the Prophet for Understanding and Practicing Islam,
------The Wisdom behind the Choice of the Arabian Peninsula as the Cradle of Islam,
------Mecca : The Mother of Towns,
------The History of the Kaabah and Its Sacredness,
------The Elephant Incident: A Testimony of Divine protection,
------The Hanif Prophet Ibrahim and the Religion of Worshipping One God.

Chapter [I] The Prophet Before the Message :

---[1]. The Birth & Childhood of the Blessed Prophet,
------The Muhammedan Light,
------The Pure Lineage of the Prophet,
------The Marriage of Abdullah and Aminah, the Parents of the Prophet,
------The Passing Away of Abdullah,
------Events Heralding the Birth of the Prophet,
------The Sublime Birth and the Occurrence of Extraordinary Events,
------The Names of the Blessed Prophet,
------In the Foster Mother’s Care,
------The First Sharh’us-Sadr : The Cleaving of the Chest,
------The Journey to Medina and the Passing Away of Aminah,
------Under the Protection of Abdulmuttalib,
------Under the Protection of Abu Talib,
------The Second Cleaving of the Chest.

---[2]. The Years of Youth,
------A Development under Divine Protection,
------Muhammad as a Shepherd,
------Trade Journeys with His Uncles,
------Encounter with the Christian Monk Bahirah,
------The Hilf’ul-Fudul Society,
------The Business Life of the Prophet,
------The Observations of Monk Nestor,
------Marriage to Khadijah, may Allah be pleased with her,
------The Wisdom behind the Multiple Marriages of the Prophet,
------The Emancipation of Zayd ibn Harithah and his Adoption by the Blessed Prophet,
------The Prophet’s Custodianship of Ali,
------The Children of the Prophet,
------The Arbitration at the Kaabah,
------The Speech of Quss ibn Saidah,
------The Retreat of the Prophet to the Cave of Hira before the Mission,
------An Overview of the Blessed Prophet’s Childhood and Youth.

Chapter [II ] The Meccan Period of Prophethood :

---[1]. The Meccan Period of Prophethood,
------The Inception of Divine Revelation : Truthful Dreams,

---[2]. The First Three Years of Prophethood : The Call in Secret,
------The First Revelation and the Interval,
------The Reality of Revelation and the Ways of its Disclosure,
------Prophethood : Nubuwwah and Risalah,
------The Attributes of Prophets,
------On the Humanness of the Blessed Prophet,
------The Wisdom behind the Blessed Prophet being an Ummi,
------The Resumption of Revelation,
------The First Muslims,
------The House of Arqam : The Center of Education for the First Muslims.

---[3]. The Fourth Year of Prophethood,
------Declare What You Have Been Commanded!
------Warn Your Nearest Relations!
------The Prophet’s Invitation of he Quraysh to Islam on the Hill of Safa,
------The Importance and Method of Invitation,
------Islam’s Invitation and Missionary Work,
------The Attitudes of Abu Lahab and his Wife against the Prophet,
------Meccan Attempts of Reconciliation,
------The Inimitability (I’jaz) of the Qur'an and its Affect on Listeners,
------Idolater Attitudes towards the Qur'an,
------Allegations against the Prophet and the Quran,
------The Period of Torture,
------Advising Muslims with Perseverence and Patience.

---[4]. The Fifth Year of Prophethood,
------The Abyssinian Migration,
------The Gharaniq Issue,
------The Second Abyssinian Migration.

---[5]. The Sixth Year of Prophethood,
------Meccans Request the Negus to Hand over the Muslims,
------Hamza’s, may Allah be pleased with him, Acceptance of Islam,
------Omar’s, may Allah be pleased with him, Acceptance of Islam.

---[6]. The Seventh to Ninth Year of Prophethood : The Boycott Years,
------A Three-Year- Long Isolation Policy of Idolaters towards Muslims,
------The End of the Boycott,
------Shaqqu’l-Qamar : The Splitting of the Moon,
------The Perseverance of the Prophet in Inviting to Islam under all Circumstances.

---[7]. The Tenth Year of Prophethood,
------The Year of Grief - The Passing Away of Khadijah and Abu Talib,
------The Journey to Ta’if,
------A Unique Mercy and Solace from the Compassionate,
------The Jinn’s Hearing of the Qur'an from the Noble Prophet and their Acceptance of Islam,
------Meeting with Various Tribes and Inviting them to Islam,
------Marriage with Sawdah, may Allah be pleased with her.

---[8]. The Eleventh Year of Prophethood,
------The Aqabah Meeting,
------The Third Sharh’us-Sadr : A Preparation for Miraj,
------A Unique Gift to the Beloved : Miraj [The Ascension; Night Journey],
------A Few Subtle Points from the Miraj,
------The Reception of Miraj.

---[9]. The Twelfth and Thirteenth Years of Prophethood,
------The First Aqabah Pledge,
------The Appointment of Musab ibn Umayr as Teacher and the Conquest of Medina through the Qur'an,
------The Second Aqabah Pledge : The Thirteenth Year of Prophethood,
------An Overview of the Meccan Period,
------The Characteristics of the Meccan Revelations
------The Prophet’s Last Resort :
------Migration Permission for the Hegira (Hijrah) in the Thirteenth Year of Prophethood and Migration to Medina,
------Idolater Plans of Assassination,
------The Long Road,
------The Long Awaited Guest,
------The Masjid of Quba : A Masjid Founded upon Piety,
------The First Friday Salat on the Valley of Ranunah,
------The Nervous Wait in Medina.


Volume Two : The Medinan Period :

Table of Contents


---[1]. The First Year of the Hegira (Hijrah),
------Days of the Blessed Prophet in Medina,
------Abu Ayyub al-Ansari : The Flagbearer of the Blessed Prophet,
------Anas ibn Malik’s Service to the Blessed Prophet,
------The Pact of Brotherhood between the Muhajirun and the Ansar: Muakhat,
------Virtues of the Muhajirun and the Ansar,
------Madinat’un-Nabi and the Contract of Medina,
------The Declaration of Medina as a Sanctuary,
------The Medina Market and the Regulation of Commercial Life,
------The Masjid’un-Nabi and the Building of the House of the Prophet,
------Encouraging Communal Salat,
------The First Adhan,
------The Suffa : The School of Knowledge and Wisdom,
------The Blessed Prophet’s Marriage to the Honourable Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her,
------The Situation in Medina,
------Permission for Battle : “Fight those who fight you!”
------Jihad in the way of Allah,
------Some Minor Campaigns.

---[2]. The Second Year of the Hegira (Hijrah),
------The Batn’u Nakhlah Campaign and Others,
------The Changing of the Direction of Qibla,
------Fasting, the Charity of Fitr and Alms,
------The Battle of Badr Major (17 Ramadan 2/ 13 March 624),
------The Aid of the Angels,
------The Lions of Badr,
------The Return from Badr,
------The Treatment of the Captives,
------The Verdict Regarding the Spoils,
------The Arrival of Zaynab, may Allah be pleased with her, in Medina,
------The Jews and the Battle of Banu Qaynuqa (Shawwal 2/ April, 624),
------The Conflict of Sawiq (Dhil-hijjah, 2/ May, 624),
------The Marriage between Ali and Fatimah, may Allah be pleased with them both,
------The Ahl’ul-Bayt and the Love of the Ahl’ul-Bayt.

---[3]. The Third Year of the Hegira (Hijrah),
------Uhud : A Battle Underlain by Wisdom,
------The Companions’ Passion for Martyrdom,
------Hamza, may Allah be pleased with him, the King of All Martyrs,
------Saad ibn Rabi’: The Companion who closed the Door of Excuse,
------The Martyrs of Uhud,
------We Love Uhud and Uhud Loves Us,
------Lessons of Wisdom to be drawn from the Battle of Uhud,
------Hamra’ul-Asad (8 Shawwal 3 / 24 March 625),
------The Question of Inheritance.
---[4]. The Fourth Year of the Hegira (Hijrah),
------The Raji Incident (Safar 4 / July, 625),
------The Maunah Well Incident (Safar 4 / July, 625),
------Banu Nadir’s Treacherous Plot,
------The Prohibition of Intoxicants and Gambling,
------The Battle of Badr Minor (Dhil Qadah 4/ April, 626).

---[5]. The Fifth Year of the Hegira (Hijrah),
------Salman Farsi’s, may Allah be pleased with him, Acceptance of Islam and His Being Granted Freedom,
------The Abolition of Child Adoption,
------The Command to Cover Up : Hijab,
------The Muraysi Battle (Shaban-Ramadhan 5 / January-February, 627),
------Tayammum (Dry Ablution),
------The Ifk Incident or the Slander,
------They are the Enemy...Beware!
------An Insufferable Ordeal and A Severe Trial :
--------The Battle of Handak (Shawwal / Dhil Qadah 5/ March, 627),
------The Glad Tidings Given at Handak,
------Jabir’s Abundant Meal,
------Hardships Endured at Handak,
------Feats of Courage at Handak,
------War is Trickery,
------The March on Banu Qurayza (23 Dhil Qadah 5 / 15 April, 627).

---[6]. The Sixth Year of the Hegira (Hijrah),
------The Treaty of Hudaybiyah : The Key to All Victories and the Emotional Road Back to Kaabah,
------The Pledge of Ridvan : A Pledge that Pleased the Almighty,
------The Treaty of Hudaybiyah : A Brand New Phase in the Call,
------A Clear Victory : An Ever Increasing Guidance.

---[7]. The Seventh Year of the Hegira (Hijrah),
------Inviting Kings to Islam,
------The Spell Cast on the Blessed Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, by the Jews .
------The Final Blow to Jewish Mischief : The Conquest of Khaybar, (Safar-Rabi al-Awwal 7 / June-July, 628),
------Sensitivity towards the Rights of Others,
------The Arrival of Daws in Medina,
------The Return of the Immigrants of Abyssinia,
------The Jews’ Plot to Poison the Blessed Prophet,
------The Mutah Issue,
------The Return from Khaybar,
------Umrat’ul-Qada (Dhil Qadah 7 / March, 629).

---[8]. The Eighth Year of the Hegira (Hijrah),
------The Passing Away of Zaynab, the Daughter of the Blessed Prophet,
------The Battle of Muta : A Legend Written by a Handful of Sahabah - Companions (Jamadi al-Awwal 8 / August-September 629),
------Khalid ibn Walid’s, may Allah be pleased with him, Prowess as Commander,
------The Fath of Mecca : The Truth Has Arrived and Falsehood Perished,
------The Festival of Forgiveness,
------The Meccan Pledge of Allegiance,
------Restore Trusts where they are Due!
------An Exceptional Loyalty,
------The Battle of Hunayn (11 Shawwal 8 / 1 February 630),
------The Battle of Awtas (Shawwal 8 / February, 630),
------The Siege of Taif (Shawwal 8 / February, 630).
------The Distribution of the Spoils,
------The Punishment for Killing a Muslim,
------The Assigning of a Governor and a Teacher for Mecca. 

---[9]. The Ninth Year of the Hegira (Hijrah),
------The Sword of Language,
------Ascertain the Truth of the News Brought by the Wicked!
------The Tabuk Campaign: An Enormous test of Iman (Rajab 9 September-October 630),
------Rallying to Donate,
------As-Saat’ul-Usrah : The Time of Difficulty,
------The Martyr of Tabuk,
------The Betrayal of the Hypocrites and Masjid ’ud-Dirar,
------From the Minor Jihad to the Major,
------The Repentant Three,
------To Allah Belongs the Treasures of Heaven and Earth,
------No Benefit in being Muslim without Worship,
------Other Events Following Tabuk,
------The Year of Envoys,
------Hajj : The Obligatory Pilgrimage.

---[10]. The Tenth Year of the Hegira (Hijrah),
------Adiy ibn Hatim’s Acceptance of Islam,
------The Blessed Prophet’s, First and Last Hajj : The Farewell Pilgrimage,
------Today I have Perfected Your Religion,
------Where Wrath Became Manifest.

---[11]. The Eleventh Year of the Hegira (Hijrah),
------Reunion and the Great Farewell : The Sublime Journey to the ‘Highest Companion’
------A Grief to Absorb the Whole Universe.

---Uswat ul Hasanah,
------The Quintessential Example.


Dimensions :
Volume [1] : 21.2 x 15.2 x 3.0cm
Volume [2] : 21.2 x 15.2 x 3.6cm

Very Highly Recommended !!!

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