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Istihsan : New
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Rights of Husband and Wife in Islam
Rights of Husband and Wife in Islam
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Details:  Rights of Husband and Wife in Islam,
[A5] Booklet - 34 pages,
by Maulana Abdul Ghani.

Description :

Carelessness in the particulars of married life gives way to several and serious misunderstandings and this social upset results in various new problems that are faced. Unfortunately people tackle them wrongly and when that permissible but unapproved stage of separation arises the state of affected members of the family, specially the children is deplorable and in the long run the whole society has a bad effect of the event.

This book will certainly help the readers to learn and guide themselves and by giving up unapproved acts they may create a good, healthy, pleasant and peaceful marriage. Based on Qur'an and Hadith the book provides authentic sources with references. .

Contents :

---[1]. Provision and Maintenance,
---[2]. Cleaning and Decorative objects,
---[3]. Fulfilling the terms of 'Nikah'
---[4]. To suckle the baby,
---[5]. Expenses of medical treatment,
---[6]. Rights of meeting 'Mehrams,'
---[7]. Conditions of the house being lived-in,
---[8]. Details of maintenance,
---[9]. Provision of expenses of a maid to serve the woman or to cook food,
---[10]. If the man is poor | Provision of expenses,
---[11]. Engaging a servant for the children,
---[12]. Servant for ailing woman and her maintenance,
---[13]. The saving from regular expenses is the woman's property,
---[14]. Not permissible to assist relatives, if wife and family has to endure hardship,
---[15]. Wife can get marriage annuled if husband does not provide for her & family,
---[16]. Husband is responsible for all burial expenses,
---[17]. The use of dowry,
---[18]. Zakat & Hajj are not obligatory until dower (mehr) has been paid,
---[19]. Wife taking possession of her husband's property in lieu of her dower (mehr),
---[20]. Property can be divided in case of differences,
---[21]. Woman is not bound to obey the Husband if immediate dower has not been paid,
---[22]. The excellence of providing and maintaining the family and Nikah,
---[23]. The best of Women,
---[24]. Imam al-Ghazali's advice for 'Happiness' from Ihya Ulum al-Din,
---[25]. Blandishment of Women,
---[26]. The Holy Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, placated his consorts,
---[27]. The sanctity of relationship,
---[28]. The Rights of Men,
---[29]. Obedience to the Husband is a Virtuous Act,
---[30]. Matters in which Obedience to the Husband is religiously Obligatory [Fard] on the Wife,
---[31]. The issue of beating the Wife,
---[32]. Amity and Affection between Husband and Wife,
---[33]. Advice to Men and Women.

Sub-Continent translation and print quality!

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