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Arabic Grammar : Darsi

Sharh Miata Amil : English [PB]
Sharh Miata Amil : English [PB]
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  • Authored by: Imam al-Jurjani

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Details:  Sharh Miati Amiul : English, Arabic Syntax, New with Diagrams,
[A5] Paperback - 144 pages,
by Abdur-Rahman Nur al-Din ibn Ahmad Shams al-Din Jami,
*English translation by M Shihab Uddin.

Description : The Study of the Formation of Sentences from Words,

This book is the study of the formation of sentences from words, commonly known as 'tarkeebs.' The study of this book will equip the student grammatically in terms of having a very good foundation in the Arabic language - Insha-Allah!

This unique book has been written using a diagrammatic format which dissects each sentence and then aids explanation in terms of grammar. It then brings all the words in the sentence together linking one word to another and reconstructing the sentence. It provides an in depth study of how words are constructed together in the arabic language. Therefore following the study of this subject the reader should feel empowered with an excellent understanding of the formation of sentences.

Table of Contents :

---Origins of Arabic Grammar,
---Author of Miatu Amil & Sharhu Miati Amil,
---Tarkeeb Formation Guide,
---100 Awamils.

---Chapter [1]. Huroofe Jaar,

---Baa (Ilsaaq),
---Baa (Istiaanat),
---Baa (Ta'leel),
---Baa (Musahabat),
---Baa (Ta'diyyah),
---Baa (Muqabala),
---Baa (Qasam),
---Baa (Isti'taaf),
---Baa (Zarfiyyat),
---Baa (Zaaidah).

---Laam (Ikhtisaas),
---Laam (Zaaidah),
---Laam (Ta'leel),
---Laam (Qasam),
---Laam (Mua'qabah).

---Min (Tab'eedh),
---Min (Bayan),
---Min (Zaaidah).

---Ila (Inthihah Ghayat),
---Ila (Musahabt).

---Hattha (Inthihah Ghayat),
---Hattha (Musahabat).

---Ala (Isti'la),
---Ala (In the meaning of Baa),
---Ala (In the meaning of Fee).


---Fee (Zarfiyyat),
---Fee (Isti'la).

---Kaaf (Tashbeeh),

---Chapter [2]. Huroofe Mushabbah Bil Fe'l,

---Tammana and Tarajji.

---Chapter [3]. Huroofe Mushabahatan Bi Laysa,

---Maa and Laa Mushabahatan bi laysa,
---Differences between Maa and Laa.

---Chapter [4]. Huroofe Naasiba - Ism,

---Waw in the meaning of Ma'a,
---Illah (Harfe Isthithna),
---Huroofe Nidaa.

---Chapter [5]. Huroofe Naasiba - Fe'l Mudhari'),



* New : Sharha Miata Amil (Hardback),
Now also available with English Commentary and Notes.

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