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Al-Ghazali : Fear and Hope
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Family & Parenting

From Seed to Cedar
From Seed to Cedar
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  • Authored by: Dr Fethullah Gulen

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Details:   From Seed to Cedar : A Guide for Muslim Families,
Nurturing the Spiritual Needs in Children,
[A5] Paperback - 150 pages,
by Dr. M Fethullah Gulen.

Description :

'From Seed to Cedar' is a guide for Muslim families by a prominent scholar of Islam. Dr Fethullah Gulen's approach to education of Muslim kids are grounded on authoritative sources of knowledge in Islam, that is, The Qur'an and the 'way' of Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, The Sunnah. He effectively combines these teachings with realities of life in modern times. The result is a comprehensive road map for a Muslim family that is committed and dedicated to the education of their kids in Islam.

From character education to teaching basics of Islamic practice, this book covers tasks for parents inside and outside home.

The author says:

"On certain issues, I think it's best to have a consensus beforehand with the readers. Unless we agree on the essential matters of our subject, it will not be easy to benefit from this book. It should be taken into account that it is not possible to reach a consensus with those who are not disturbed by the moral corruption of immense scale in our surroundings. First of all, for readers to benefit from this book, they need to feel pain in their hearts for the moral corruption surrounding themselves, their family, friends, and neighbours.

Throughout history, no society was lasting with immorality. I cannot tell you if any exceptions existed or not, but there is no doubt that the people who stood for a long time without being pushed aside by history were respected for their moral values." ---M. Fethullah Gülen.

Table of Contents :

---Introduction :

---Chapter [I] Marriage,
------1. The Importance of the Home,
------2. Education of the Family,
------3. The purpose of Marriage,
------4. The Conditions of Marriage,
------5. The Principles of Primordial Nature in Marriage,
------6. The Great Virtues of the Mother.

---Chapter [II] Family,
------1. What Kind of Family?
------2. Children,
------3. Duties of the Father,
------4. Parental Responsibility.

---Chapter [III] Awareness in Education,
------1. The Illness of Wahn (love for the world and fear of death),
------2. The Woman's Role,
------3. Giving Priority to the Inner Profundity,
------4. Your Duties towards your Children,
------5. Adopting God's Morality,

---Chapter [IV] Religious Education of the Child,
------1. Bringing up a Child with Multiple Abilities,
------2. Making Our Children Familiar with Mosques at an Early Age,
------3. Answering the Questions in the Child's Mind from the Very Beginning,
------4. Worshipping and Praying within Sight of Our Children,
------5. Respect for the Qur'an,
------6. The Significance of Reading,
------7. Speaking about the Age of Happiness and God's Messenger, Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,
------8. Introducing the Qur'an,
------9. Teaching about the Resurrection.

---Chapter [V] Dimensions of Education,
------1. Good Deeds should be introduced by Exemplary Righteous People,
------2. Utilising Positive Sciences in Religious Education,
------3. Preparing a Decent Enviroment,
------4. Upholding sensitivity in Nurturing,

---Chapter [VI] A Comparison between Qur'anic and non-Qur'anic Education,
------1. Non-Qur'anic Education,
------2. Qur'anic Education.


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