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Imam al-Ghazali

Minhajul Abideen : [English] Beirut Print
Minhajul Abideen : [English] Beirut Print
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  • Authored by: Imam al-Ghazali

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Details:  Minhajul Abideen : The Best Way for the Worshippers,
[A4] *Hardback - 317 pages,
by Imam al-Ghazali,
Translated into English by: Iqbal Hussain Ansari.
Published by Dar al-Kotob al-Ilmiyya.

Description :

'The Path of the Worshipful Servants to the Garden of the Lord of All the Worlds' (Minhaj al-'Abidin ila Jannati Rabbi ’l-'Alamin) by ''Hujjat al-Islam'' - (The Truth of Islam) al-Imam Abu Hamid Muhammad al-Ghazali, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.

The authour tells us how he implored Allah “to make it possible for me to compose a book—one that would meet with unanimous approval, and the reading of which would result in positive benefit—and He inspired me with a marvelous arrangement, the like of which I did not recall in any of the previous compositions dealing with the secrets of religious practices.”
He also said, “Worshipful service is the fruit of knowledge, the benefit of life, the income of strong servants, the stock-in-trade of the saints [awliya'], the path of the truly devout, the allotted portion of the mighty, the goal of those endowed with aspiration, the emblem of the noble, the vocation of real men, and the choice of those with faculties of vision. It is the way of good fortune and the path [minhaj] of the Garden of Paradise.”

Minhaj ul Abideen is considered a summary of Imam al-Ghazali's majestic Ihya Ulum al-Din [The Revival of the Religious Sciences] presented here in simple language.

Contents :

---Translators Note,
---A Biograpahical Sketch of Imam al-Ghazali,

Chapter [I] : On the Value of Knowledge & Acquaintance,
---On the Value of Knowledge  & Acquaintance,
---On the Limits of Knowledge.

Chapter[ II] : On the Valley of Repentance,
---On Sincere Repentance,
---Three Pre-Requisites and Causes of Repentance,
---On Refraining from and giving up Sins.

Chapter [III] : On the Valley of Obstacles,
---The World is the First Obstacle,
---On the Meaning of Zuhd (abstention) & it's Reality,
---Why Relinquishing the World & Distributing it's Resources are quite Easy,
---The Legal (shar'i) position of Zuhd,
---On maintaining Contacts & Mixing with the People,
---On Shaytan,
---On Knowing Shaytans different Method's of Deception,
---On the Self,
---On the Reality of Taqwa, (Righteousness, Piety),
---On the Discussion of the Acts which Concern the Eyes,
---On the Functions of the Ears,
---On the Functions of the Tongue,
---On Five Principles of the Heart,
---On Four Principles regarding the Corruption of the Heart,
---Building Prolonged Hopes for the World,
---On Jealousy,
---On the Adverse effects of Speed and Haste,
---On the Disease of Pride,
---On the Reality of Hope,
---On the Reality of Jealousy,
---On the Reality of Hastiness,
---On the Reality of Pride,
---On Safeguarding the Stomach,
---On the Reality of Unlawful Acts & things of a doubtful Nature,
---On the Limits of what is Lawful & Categories of what is Permissible,
---On the Censure of the Self,
---On How to be Safe from the Devastations worked by the Self,
---On the Protection of the Eyes,
---On the Protection of the Tongue,
---On the Protection of the Stomach,
---On the Protection of the Heart.

Chapter [IV] : The Valley of Obstacles,
---On Sustenance and Demand of the Self,
---On the Reality of Tawakkul, (Reliance in Allah Almighty),
---Tafweez (Entrustment),
---On Destiny : It's many forms,
---On Perseverance.

Chapter [V] : The Valley of Obstacles - Urge & Impetus,
---On the Reasons for Creating Fear,
---On the Reality of Fear and Hope & the Injunctions Thereof,
---On the Principles of Self-Control,
---On Events concerning Hope,
---On Promises and Threats,
---On Paradise and Hell.

Chapter [VI] : The Valley of Obstacles - Factors Ruining Worship,
---On Ostentation,
---On the Reality of Sincerity and Hypocrisy,
---On Pride,
---On other Destructive Factors,
---On the Remedy for Cure of Ostentation,
---On the Remedy for Cure of Pride,
---On Excessive Risks.

Chapter [VII] : The Valley of Praise and Gratitude,
---On the Blessings of Gratitude,
---On the Reality of Gratitude and Praise,
---Forty Sections of Advice.


*Non-Western English Translation. Middle East Publication.

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