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The Mutah Marriage is Forbidden in Islam
The Mutah Marriage is Forbidden in Islam
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Details:  The Mut'ah Marriage is Forbidden in Islam,
Small Paperback - 157 pages,
by Shaykh Muhammad al-Hamed,
Translated into English by Muhammad Abdulfattah Ahmad (Al-Azhar).

Description :

The Mutah Marriage is forbidden in Islam.  A rumor has recently been circulated, inviting people to practice Mut'ah marriage. The Mut'ah marriage is not a permanent marriage. In other words, the Mut'ah contract states the duration of marriage and stipulates that marriage will be valid for a specific period of time.

As an established fact, the Mut'ah marriage is totally forbidden according to Muslim scholars of all generations. Only a handful of 'shi'ah scholars' keenly believe in its lawfulness.

This book [using authentic sources such as the Qur'an and Sunnah] is a comprehensive refutation against those who are in favour of this forbidden practice.

Contents :

---Definition of the Mut'ah marriage,

---Chapter [1] - Establishing the fatherhood of a child born of Mut'ah,
---Proofs furnished by those who allow Mut'ah and refuting them,
---The first proof,
---The second proof,
---The third proof,

---Chapter [2] - The Companions changed their position from permitting Mut'ah to forbidding it,
---Chapter [3] - Mut'ah was abrogated twice,

---Chapter [4] - Is there a punishment prescribed for Mut'ah,

---Chapter [5] - A possible argument,

---Chapter [6] - A binding juristic quotation,
---Refuting objections and allegations,
---The first objection and it's refutation,
---The second objection and it's refutation,
---The third objection and it's refutation,
---The fourth objection and it's refutation,
---The fifth objection and it's refutation,
---The sixth objection and it's refutation,
---The seventh objection and it's refutation,
---The eighth objection and it's refutation,
---The ninth objection and it's refutation,
---The tenth objection and it's refutation,

---Author's Biography.

Published in Egypt.

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