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Bakhoor Burners

Automatic Electric Bakhoor Burner
Automatic Electric Bakhoor Burner
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Details:   Supreme Automatic Electric Bakhoor Burner,
Complete with UK wired plug.
Stainless Steel Body. Back in Stock June 2018,
Made by Supreme, India.

Description :

Probably the best quality Electric bakhoor burner on the market with automatic (thermostatic) setting. This is an attractive burner made from stainless steel, with removable lid tray for easy cleaning. Fitted with UK 3 pin plug.

Has a dial setting so heat can be adjusted on high or low setting. Can also be pre-heated once plugged in. Strongly recommended to start on a low setting.

--- Size: 13 x 9 cm diameter (excluding detachable handle),
--- Fitted with a 3-pin fused Plug,
--- Voltage: 220 - 240V AC for use in the UK

Using Electric Bakhoor Burner : Basic advice on using the Electric Burner. [Remember this is heated Burner]. 

Always start on a lower temperature around 20-30 for most Incense and resins. You can even go down to setting 10 to begin with. Let the incense gently warm up and release its scent. When the incense material darkens and smokes, or preferably just before, turn the heat off. It will stay warm and keep working for quite awhile. Don't let the incense burn completely, when it begins to turn dark the fragrance is spent.

The “Supreme” electric incense burner (with handle) is thermostatically controlled to enable you to use it to burn many different types of fragrances – incense resins and gums, powdered incense (bakhoor), wood chips and powders, soft and hard dhoops, simmering granules, herbs, flower petals, fragrance oils etc.

Thermostat Settings : The best setting of the thermostat control will depend on the type of material being burned, and your own personal preference… generally speaking, a higher temperature setting will produce more smoke, whereas a lower setting will give a softer (and more mellow) fragrance. Initially, you should start on a low setting, then gradually increase the temperature a little at a time until you find the level you like best.

We recommend that for most wood and resin blends that you set the temperature no higher than '40' and as low as '10' for delicate blend.

– We recommend lower setting but don’t be afraid to experiment to achieve the effect you like best!

PLEASE NOTE: The burner should not be used at settings above '70' for extended periods of time, as higher settings will shorten the life of the heating coil.

Instructions & Safety Advice on using the Electric Incense Burner

The Electric Burner is very effective once the simple instructions are followed!

---Always place the Burner in a safe place away from children.
---Press a single layer of silver foil into the metal bowl.
---Place incense woods (oudh) or resins onto the foil. Using silver foil makes cleaning a lot easier.
---Plug it in and turn it on by adjusting the thermostat control knob, the red light shows that the power is on.
---Let the incense remain on the hot surface of the bowl until it has released all it's fragrance or has turned dark. Woods and resins may vary but since the temperature is controlled it will not burn up or flame.
---Do not re-use the foil. Dispose of it with the incense residue when the Burner cools down or remove it with a pair of tongs or pinchers. It is best to use a fresh foil with each use.
---To move the Burner while it is hot, hold it by the handle. Because of the risk of fire or injury, never leave the Burner unattended whilst in use, especially with children in the vicinty.
---Please ensure that you turn the thermostat control to the "off" position and unplug the Burner after use.

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