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First Night in the Grave
First Night in the Grave
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  • Authored by: Mawlana Ilyas Attar al-Qadiri

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Details:  First Night in the Grave,
Booklet - 44 pages,  Back into Stock!
by Mawlana Ilyas Attar al-Qadiri.

Description :

The events that will occur for the deceased in their first night in the grave, how to prepare oneself for death and to safeguard your imaan (faith).

Table of Contents :

---Du’a for Reading the Book,
---Transliteration Chart.

---Excellence of Salat-‘Alan-Nabi,
---All graves appear similar, but from inside,
---Everyone has to die one day,
---We have come into this world in a particular order, but,
---You will never have experienced a night like this ever before,
---Wishes of A’lā Hadrat, 'alayhi ar-Rahman, in his will,
---Wish of Sag e Madinaĥ (the author) in his will,
---Tears of the Beloved of Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala,
---The first stage of the afterlife is grave,
---Funeral is a silent preacher,
---Dark and frightful night,
---The frightening incident of a splendid mansion,
---Intoxicated with worldliness,
---Deception of this world,
---Live in this world like a traveler,
---The worldly life is particularly to cultivate for the afterlife,
---Announcement by the deceased,
---Utterance by the dead,
---Call of the grave,
---Garden of Paradise or ditch of Hellfire,
---The mercy of the grave for the compliant,
---Call from the neighboring graves,
---Conversation with the deceased,
---Where are those beautiful faces now?
---Make preparations right now,
---How did a singer join Dawat-e-Islami?
---Dreamt about 99 Asmā-ul-Ḥusnā (Glorious Names of Allah),
---14 Madanī pearls about clothing,
---Madanī appearance,
---Du’ā of ‘Attar.

Published by Dawat e Islami.

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