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Surah Yasin [A4]
Surah Yasin [A4]
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Forty Divine Narrations : New
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Prophetic Matrimony : New
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Raza Academy Series

Islamic Beliefs : Part 3
Islamic Beliefs : Part 3
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  • Authored by: Imam Ahmad Raza Academy

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Details:   Islamic Beliefs [Aqaa'id] Part 3,
[A5] Paperback - 80 pages,
Grades: 7 & 8,

by Mahomed Yunus Abdul Karrim.
Imam Ahmad Raza Academy, Durban South Africa.

Description :

Preface : Al-hamdulilah, you now have before you, Islamic Aqeeda (Beliefs) Part 3, which discusses, with proofs, the correct beliefs that a Muslim must have with regards to a number of issues. It is hoped that by introducing such beliefs to our younger generation from an early age, they will grow up with the correct beliefs with certainty and thus be able to save their Imaan from corrupt groups and sects.

This book is not only beneficial to the younger generation but also to every Muslim who wishes to learn about his or her correct beliefs with conviction. Thus, there is no excuse! Every single Muslim should familiarise himself with the contents of this book.

Contains 'Activity' sessions end of each Term.

Contents :

Grade Seven : Standard 5,

Term 1
---To say Ya Rasullullah,
---'Knowledge of the Unseen,' possessed by Rasullullah,
---Permissibility of setting aside important days,
---The permissibility of celebrating Milad-un-Nabi,
---The practise of Giyarwee shareef.

Term 2
---To recite Salawat and Salaam upon Rasullulah,
---To stand and recite the Salaam upon Rasullullah using the Harfs-e-Nida,
---To seek assistance from the Awliya-Allah,

Term 3
---The building of a mazaar for a Saint,
---To proclaim; ''Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani Shay 'an Lillah''
---To say 'Allah and His Rasool know Best,'
---The Hearing power of the Deceased,

Term 4
---Fateha and Essaale Sawaab are both permissible,
---To read Du'a (supplicate) after Salat al-Janazah,
---To slaughter animal other than in the name of Allah.

Grade Eight : Standard 6,

Term 1
---The Attributes of Allah the Almighty,
---What is Destiny (taqdeer)?
---The meaning of bai'at.

Term 2
---The meaning of bid'ah,
---To kiss the hands and feet of the pious,
---To honour and kiss holy relics, tabarrukaat,

Term 3
---To recite zikr (dhikr) in a loud voice after fard salaah,
---to recite loud zikr,
---When to stand for the iqaamah in jama'at,

Term 4
---The permissibility of reciting the azaan at the graveside,
---The major differrent sects and their beliefs,
---Some false beliefs answered,
---Fatawa of the Ulema of Makkah and Madinah.

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