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Sufi Wisdom

Essential Sufism
Essential Sufism
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Details:  Essential Sufism,
[A5] Paperback - 265 pages, Back in Stock,
Edited by James Fadiman &
Robert Frager al-Jerrahi,
Published by Harper-Collins, USA.

Description :

The first accessible and broad-ranging sourcebook of key Sufi writings, "Essential Sufism" draws together more than 300 stories, anecdotes, aphorisms, short writings, and poems that reveal the heart of Islamic mysticism.

From Library Journal :

A welcome addition to the literature on Islam, this small volume offers sayings, religious quotes, poems, aphorisms, and prayers from many Sufi masters. Reading through the many entries, one gets a feeling for the beauty and deep wisdom of the Sufis, the mystics of Islam.

The book includes the necessary discussions of the major Sufi teachers, history, culture, and beliefs to aid the reader in understanding the vitalness of the sayings and meditations but is not meant as a fully encompassing investigation of Sufism. Instead, it is a wonderful appetizer that tantalizes the reader to seek other works that further celebrate and elucidate the relatively obscure world of Sufism.

              '' I thought that I had arrived at the very Throne of God, and I
                said to it, ''O Throne, they tell us that God rests upon thee.''
                ''O Bayazid,'' replied the Throne, ''we are told here that He
                dwells in a humble heart
.''          ---Bayazid Bistami.

Quotations from The Prophet Muhammad, Allah bless him and grant him peace, and many of the illuminated Awliya-Allah, (Freinds of Allah), such as :

  • ---Bayazid al-Bustami,
  • ---Dh'ul Nun al-Misri,
  • ---Hasan al-Basri,
  • ---Ibn Ata'Allah,
  • ---Data al-Hujweri,
  • ---Rabia al-Basri,
  • ---Imam al-Qushayri,
  • ---Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani,
  • ---Shaykh al-Suhrawardi,
  • ---Muhiy'ud-Din Ibn al-Arabi,
  • ---Imam al-Ghazali,
  • ---Baha'al-Din al-Naqshband,
  • ---Shaykh Muzzaffer Ozak,
  • ---Hazrat Mevlana Rumi,
  • ---Hafiz,
  • ---al-Attar,
  • ---al-Sa'di,
  • ---Kabir,
  • ---Jami. etc.      


  Highly Recommended!

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