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Qur'anic Books : Urdu

Ya Ayyuhal lazhina Amanu : 2 Vols, Urdu
Ya Ayyuhal lazhina Amanu : 2 Vols, Urdu
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Details:  Ya Ayyuhal lazhina Aamanu : 2 Vols, Urdu, New,
[A4] Large Hardback - 1543 pages within 2 Volume Set,
by Allama Sayyad Saadat Ali al-Qadiri,
Published by Ziya al-Qur'an, Lahore.

Description :

This comprehensive two volume work is an explanation of the Qur'anic Ayah "Ya Ayyuhal lazeena Aamanu ..." and is authored by the Muballigh al-Islam Allama Sayyad Sa'adat Ali Qadri, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi.

Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala, has stipulated 89 Ayahs in the Noble Qur'an commencing with “Ya Ayyuhal Lazheena Aamanu” (O you who believe ...). They are mentioned in sequence of the Qur’an with detailed tafsir by the author.

Allama wa Mawlana Sayyad Saadat Ali al-Qadiri was born in Aligarh, India in 1935. He was the son of the eminent Mufti Sayyad Masud Ali Qadiri, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi, of Multan. After receiving his early education in Badayun, (after the partition), his family relocated to Multan. Mawlana Sayyad Saadat Ali graduated from Dar al-Ulum 'Anwar ul-Ulum' Multan, where his teachers included the revered Shaykh Allama Ahmad Saeed Shah Kazmi, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi, who was also referred to as Ghazali al-Zaman. In the early sixties, Mawlana Saadat Ali moved to Karachi where he became the Imam of the Jami'yah Masjid Qassaban, Saddar region. He also completed his MA in Islamic Studies from Karachi University and remained teacher at Dehli College and Mary Classo, Saddar.

Mawlana Saadat Ali was one of the founders of Jama'at Ahl al-Sunnat. The 'Jami'at Ulama-e-Pakistan' participated in the 1970`s election and after the election he migrated to Surinam, South America. During his time there, he founded Al-Qad'ri Islamic Center. As a Islamic preacher, one of his accomplishments in Surinam include starting the very first Mawlid (Eid Milad un Nabi (Procession) in the country`s history, as well as introducing the ‘Islamic flag’ to the people.

In 1975, after the independence of Surinam from being a Dutch colony, Mawlana Saadat Ali Qadiri migrated to the Netherlands. He started many activities in Amsterdam, as well as travelling and preaching throughout Europe. He also founded the Al-Qadiri Islamic Centre in the dutch city of Den Haag. After lecturing Mawlana Saadat Ali Qadiri dedicated his spare time to further study and writing. He has authored a number of works in various Islamic Sciences. 

He passed away in Karachi at the age of 74 on Saturday, 26th July 2009, after a lengthy illness. He was the older brother of Justice Dr Mufti Sayyad Shuja’at Ali Qadiri (January 1941 – 27 January 1993) who was a judge of Federal Shari'at Court, a member of the Pakistani Council of Islamic Ideology and he too was a scholar of the Islamic Sciences.

2 Volumes, Urdu language only. Decent computerised print.

Single Volume Dimensions : 24.3 x 19cm.

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