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Sira (Arabic)

Rasail al-Imam Zahid al-Kawthari : Arabic
Rasail al-Imam Zahid al-Kawthari : Arabic
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Details:  Rasa'il al-Imam Muhammad Zahid al-Kawthari : Arabic, New,
*[A4] Hardback - 288 pages,
of al-Imam Zahid al-Kawthari,
Compiled by Saw'ud bin Saleh al-Sarhan,
Compiled by Dar al-Fath, Jordan.

Description :

Rasa'il al-Imam Muhammad Zahid al-Kawthari is a collection of 45 letters written by Imam al-Kawthari, rahimaullah, replying to and or asking questions to Molvi Muhammad Yusuf al-Binnuri al-Deobandi. These letters were compiled just before WWII, during WWII and after it spanning over 14 years.

About Imam al-Kawthari :

He is Muhammad Zahid ibn Hasan al-Kawthari al-Hanafi al-Ash`ari (1296-1371), the adjunct to the last Shaykh al-Islam of the Ottoman Caliphate and a major Hanafi jurist praised by Imam Muhammad Abu Zahra as a Reviver (mujaddid) of the fourteenth Islamic century. He studied under his father as well as the scholar of Qur'an and hadith Ibrahim Haqqi (d. 1345), Shaykh Zayn al-`Abidin al-Alsuni (d. 1336), Shaykh Muhammad Khalis al-Shirwani, al-Hasan al-Aztuwa'i, and others. When the Caliphate fell he moved to Cairo, then Sham, then Cairo again until his death, where the late Shaykhs `Abd al-Fattah Abu Ghudda and `Abd Allah al-Ghumari became his students.

The following is his prestigious chain of transmission in fiqh:

Imam al-Kawthari (d. 1371) took fiqh from his father, and also from the hadith master Ibrahim Haqqi (d. 1345) and from Shaykh Zayn al-'Abidin al-Alsuni (d. 1336). Al-Kawthari's father took fiqh from the hadith master Ahmad Dya' al-Din al-Kamushkhanawi al-Naqshbandi (d. 1311) the author of the hadith index Ramuz al-Ahadith. Who took fiqh from Sayyid Ahmad al-Arwadi (d. 1275) who took fiqh from the hadith master Muhammad Amin, Ibn `Abidin (d. 1252), whose chain is given elsewhere.

Imam al-Kawthari produced numerous works, in the way of his own books, as well as annotations of classical works.

Suitable for research and reference.

*Dimensions : 24.6 x 17.5cm.

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