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Hadith (Arabic)

Tuhfat al Abrar sharh Masabih al-Sunnah
Tuhfat al Abrar sharh Masabih al-Sunnah
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  • Authored by: Imam al-Baydawi

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Details: Tuhfat al-Abrar sharh Masabih al-Sunnah lil Imam al-Baghawi : 3 Vols, Arabic,
[A4] Hardback - pages, within 3 Volume Set,
by Imam Abdullah ibn 'Umar al-Baydawi,
Masabih al-Sunnah by Imam al-Baghawi,
Published by Dar al-Nawadir,

Description :

Tuhfat al-Abrar sharh Masabih al-Sunnah lil Imam al-Baghawi is a commentary (sharh) by Imam al-Baydawi on Masabih al-Sunnah - the famous hadith collection of Imam al-Baghawi al-Shafi'i.

Masabih al-Sunnah is divided into a number of books which are divided into chapters which are further divided into two separate sections, one for Sahih Ahadith as labelled by him ( from the collections of Al-Bukhari and Al-Muslim), the second section was for Hasan Ahadith according to his own labelling (from Al-Tirmidhi, Abu Dawud and others). Imam al-Tabrizi would differ in certain hadith position in his Mishkat al-Masabih.

Features of the Collection:

---Al-Baghawi omitted the isnads of these ahadith but kept the names of the Sahaba to whom the ahadith were traced.
---Part of his purpose, as explained in the introduction, was to enlighten Muslims about certain things of which the Qur'an is silent.
---Contains a grand total of 4434 ahadith.

Al-Baghawi mentions which ahadith from the second section of his work are gharib and da'if.

Imam al-Baydawi : He is Nasir al-Din Abu al-Khair 'Abdullah ibn 'Umar al-Baydawi (Arabic: ناصر الدين أبو الخير عبد الله بن عمر بن محمد البيضاوي), also known as Baidawi, was an Islamic scholar, born in Fars, where his father was chief judge, in the time of the Atabek ruler Abu Bakr ibn Sa'd (122660CE). He himself became judge in Shiraz, and died in Tabriz about 1286. Many commentaries have been written on Baydawi's work. He was also the author of several theological treatises. His major work is the commentary on the Qur'an entitled The Secrets of Revelation and The Secrets of Interpretation (Asrar ut-tanzil wa Asrar ut-ta'wil)'

Imam al-Baghawi
: He is Imam Abu Muhammad al-Husayn ibn Mas'ud ibn Muhammad al-Farra' al-Baghawi, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi, born 1041 or 1044 (433 AH or 436 AH) died 1122 (516 AH) was a renowned Persian Mufassir, hadith scholar and a Shafi`i faqih best known for his major work Tafsir al-Baghawi. Al-Farra was in reference to trading with fur, and al-Baghawi was a reference to his hometown Bagh or Baghshur (then in Persia) between Herat and Marw al-Rudh. He died in Marw al-Rudh.

Imam al-Baghawi is also famous for his other works on hadith such as Sharh al-Sunnah and Masabih al-Sunnah, the latter became famous as Mishkat al-Masabih with the additions of Imam al-Tabrizi (d. 741H). He was a student of al-Husayn ibn Muhammad al-Marwa al-Rudi.

More : Darsi Hadith Books.

Very good quality print on cream paper.
Large clear font.

*Single Volume Dimensions : 24.7 x 17.8cm.

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