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A Sublime Way : New
A Sublime Way : New
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Details: A Sublime Way : New,
'The Sufi Path of the Sages of Makka'
[A5] Paperback - pages,
by Shaykh Seraj Hendricks,
by Dr. Hisham A. Hellyer,
& by Shaykh Ahmad Hendricks,
Jointly Published by DTI Publishing,
& by Fons Vitae (USA).

Forthcoming - January 2019

Description :

'A Sublime Way - The Sufi Path of the Sages of Makka.' A book by highly commended authors, which has received international acclaim and praise on the subject of Sufism as practiced by the sages of Makka. It brings priceless benefits to those who want to travel the Sufi path in our contemporary world.

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“This is a book that I believe, Allah Willing, would please the souls of the noble scholar, al-Sayyid Muhammad b. ʿAlawī al-Mālikī, and that of his forefathers, for it shows how united the scholars of Makka were in their Sufism. Indeed, it’s a very good explanation of the different facets of the path of Sufism, the way of the scholars of Makka – Ṭarīqa ʿUlamā Makka – who came from around the globe and engaged with each other in such a beautiful way in Makka. May Allah bless the authors for their efforts, and may He allow us to benefit.” ---Syed Hasan b. Muhammad bin Salem al-Attas, Imam, Masjid Ba’Alawīe, Singapore.

“… this book about our shaykhs, the scholars and nobles of the honoured city of Makka; and on their ṭarīqa on the path of self-purification (tazkiya), inner excellence (iḥsān) and the path (sayr) to Allah Most High… I found therein much benefit, and majestic usefulness…it is rich in meaning and abundant in spiritual and intellectual benefit. It will be especially of benefit to one seeking a succinct yet rich in-depth book.” ---Shaykh Sayyid Muhammad bin Yahya al-Ninowy, Dean, Madina Institutes & Seminaries.

“Praise be to Allah ﷻ Who has assembled a beautiful group for the writing of this book. They have collected the Makkan teachings in spiritual calling to Allah, and prophetic teachings by way of al-Sayyid Muhammad b. ʿAlawī al-Mālikī, may Allah ﷻ have mercy on him. May Allah ﷻ bless the brethren, the virtuous shaykhs, the judicious Shaykh Seraj Hendricks, the noble Ustādh, Dr. H.A. Hellyer and Shaykh Ahmad Hendricks.” ---Shaykh al-Sayyid Afeefuddin al-Jailani, Founder & Chairman, Al-Wariseen Trust.

“The Middle East has suffered significant intellectual and moral damage….it is a source of great reassurance to see that the authentic and indigenous spirituality of the Holy Cities has survived…and is now attracting many of the younger people who are seeking a merciful and authentic alternative to the fundamentalist project. This book is a very welcome indication of that timely change.” ---Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad, Dean, Cambridge Muslim College, Faculty of Divinity, Cambridge University.

“Simply put, this is one of the best roads to Mecca: a simple yet authoritative Sufi guide in English transmitting the teachings of the great sage of our age from the Holy City of Makka, Shaykh al-Sayyid Muhammad b. ʿAlawī al-Mālikī (d. 2004).  This Meccan tradition represents one of the true inheritors of the Ghazālīan legacy in the modern age as reflected throughout the pages of this guide, and inflected through the timeless lessons of Imam al-Ghazālī (d. 1111) in balancing gratitude (shukr) and wayfaring (mujahada), and indeed, theory and practice. May Allah ennoble the sage, the transmitters and those who benefit from it! “ ---Dr Afifi al-Akiti, Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, Oxford University.

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