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The ISIS Conspiracy
The ISIS Conspiracy
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Details:  The ISIS Conspiracy : New,
'How Israel and the West Manipulate Our Minds Through Fear,'
[A5] Paperback -151 pages,
by Brandon Martinez,
by Non-Maligned Media.

Description :

Where did the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) come from? How did this terrorist group go from an unknown phantom to seizing vast stretches of territory in Syria and Iraq in less than a year? Who is sponsoring ISIS and for what purpose?

In a series of hard-hitting articles, Canadian writer Brandon Martinez uncovers the hidden hand of Israel and the West behind the meteoric rise of ISIS and the underlying Zionist destabilisation agenda that it serves.

Martinez cuts through mainstream media hype and disinformation which seeks to confound the masses about ISIS's true origins as well as whitewash the critical role of the United States, Saudi Arabia and Israel in spawning the Takfiri militants who have besieged both Iraq and Syria. Martinez traces the roots of the conspiracy back to Israel's 'Oded Yinon' plan which aims to fracture and balkanize the Middle East.

Brandon Martinez is a Canadian independent writer and journalist who specializes in foreign policy issues, international affairs and 20th and 21st century history. For years he has written on Zionism, Israel-Palestine, American and Canadian foreign policy, war, terrorism and deception in media and politics. His articles and analysis have appeared on Press TV, Veterans News Now, Media With Conscience News, Intifada Palestine, Information Clearing House, What Really Happened, Global Research, and other alternative media outlets. He is the co-founder of Non-Aligned Media (http://nonalignedmedia.com) and the author of Hidden History and Grand Deceptions.

Also see ISIS : State of Ignorance.

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