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Decisive Decision
Decisive Decision
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Details:   Decisive Decision : (Dawat-e-Fikr),
[A5] Paperback - 183 pages,
Compiled by Muhammad Mansha Tabish Qusuri,
English Translation of Dawat e Fikr,
Translation & Commentary by Mawlana Masood Ahmad.

Product Description :

Ever since the contemptuous writings of the Deobandies and Wahabis were published, their illegitimate desires became apparent. Disgraceful remarks were uttered and improper claims were made in an attempt to denigrate the Beloved Messenger of Allah, May Allah shower His Mercy upon him. The Ulema-e-Haqq; the Righteous scholars of the Muslim Ummah, encountered these insulting mouths and their disrespectful writings. 

For over a century, thousands upon thousands of speeches and countless fatwas (edicts) have been delivered in refutation to these insolent remarks. Both Arab and non-Arab scholars of Islam dispensed these fatwas against those 'ulema's' and scholars who injected many dangerous ideas and misleading interpretations of the Qur'anic verses to create a vast division within the Muslim Ummah.

This work is an introduction explaining the reasons and the necessity for the compilation of this book.

Table of Contents :

---Introductory Preface,
---Reasons for this compilation,
---Why was an English translation necessary?
---Translators Note,
---The name 'Decisive Decision'?

Decisive Decision : Translation of Dawat e Fikr,

---Unity of Muslims and Its Demands,
---Respect and Disgrace,

---Aa'laHazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan and his verdict of kufr,
---The rules and regulations,
---Legal status of the verdict of kufr,
---The curtain rises,
---Ashadd ul Azab,
---Scholars of Deoband must reply!
---Tehzir an Naas,
---Hifz al-Iman,
---Baraheen e Qatia,
---The reproduction of Madarij an-Nabuwah,
---Sirat al-Mustaqeem,
---Yak Roza and Al-Johud al-Maqal,
------Reproduction of Yak Roza,
------Reproduction of Al-Johud al-Maqal,
---Risala al-Imdad,
---Taqwiyat al-Iman,
---Fatawa e Rasheedia,
---The verdict of kufr from the Ulema al-Hijaz,
------The Acceptance from the Ulema e Deoband,
---The reproduction of Al-Shahab as-Saqib,
---The reproduction of Ghayat al-Mamool,
---Expressions of Dr. Allama Iqbal,
---The reproduction of a letter of Taqaddus Ali Qadiri,
---Advice of Dr. Allama Iqbal to his son, Javed Iqbal,
---Shaykh al-Islam Khawaja Qamar al-Din Syalvi's remarks,
---The Tajalli,
---Ulum e Khamsa.


*Sub-continent print quality!

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