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Prophet Muhammad

Muhammad and the Call to Heaven
Muhammad and the Call to Heaven
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Details:  Muhammad, and the Call to Heaven : New,
The Life of the Prophet, may Allah bless him & grant him peace,
*[A5] Hardback - 190 pages,
by Andrea Faridah Busemann,
Illustrated by Fatima Aksoy,
Translated by Lesley Alzaka,
Published by International Islamic Education Publishing House.

Description :

The story of Prophet Muhammad’s, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, life was  written according to old tradition as regards the content. The style however is of a modern narrative form : different persons tell parts of the story each from their own perspective, which not only brings to life the outer events but also the persons‘  inner experiences, fears and hopes.

It was a challenge never met before to take up the classical Islamic tradition of ther Prophetic biography and to give it a literary form to be readily understood by children and young people in the language of our time. The idea was to relate the vents in an enthralling and lively way without distorting them in the process.

              '' Khadijah entered the room and said her greetings, as politely
                and calmly as always – or so it seemed. Her Uncle Waraqah
                though, whom the eternal dark of his blindness had taught how
                to distinguish the sounds and odours of the world, perceived
                at once how agitated she really was. He sensed that something
                extraordinary must have happened to her husband Muhammad


                …It all begins in Mecca, an important city for caravan trade
                 in Arabia and also the pilgrimage destination for many idolators.
                 A climate of cruel tribal traditions prevails as well as the law
                 of the strongest. Muhammad, who is born there, soon develops
                 a strong dislike of these conditions. Then he is chosen by God
                 to deliver the message of the one God & to bring about peace
                 between people. However, he meets with the powerful tribal
                 leaders‘ opposition, and soon events come to a head

Faridah Busemann is able to see things from the perspective of the historical persons, immersing herself in their world. It is from these perspectives that the author depicts the events, always abiding by traditional legacy.

In keeping with Islamic tradition according to which Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and other great personalities is Islam are not pictured, Fatima Askoy illustrated this book with a lot of delicacy and care, making every effort to stay true to the original historical circumstances.

Table of Contents


---[1]. Halima - The Year of the Great Drought,
---[2]. Mecca - Looking for a Foster Child,
---[3]. The Desert - An Uncanny Encounter,
---[4]. Amina - A Severe Stroke of Fate,
---[5]. Abdul Muttalib - The Grandfather's Worries,
---[6]. Bahira - Signs from Heaven,
---[7]. The Kaaba - The Dispute about the Black Stone,
---[8]. Khadijah - A Happy Wedding,
---[9]. Waraqah - A Blind Man Receives a Visitor,
---[10]. The Night of Power - The Revelation of the Angel,
---[11]. The Prayer - Longing for Allah,
---[12]. Uthman - The Mysterious Voice,
---[13]. Abu Talib - Uninvited Guests,
---[14]. Bilal - A Slave Plucks up Courage,
---[15]. Hamzah - A Fight for the Prophet,
---[16]. The Boycott - The Miracles of the Boycott Document,
---[17]. Abyssinia - In the Wise King's Realm,
---[18]. Umm Hani - Grief in the Family,
---[19]. The Night Journey - The Wondrous Ride on the Buraq,
---[20]. Abu Bakr - A Freinds Trust,
---[21]. Abbas - The Pledge of Aqaba,
---[22]. Ali - The Deception,
---[23]. The Cave - A Hideout for the Prophet and his Friend,
---[24]. Abu Ayyub - Entering Madina,
---[25]. Madina - City of the Prophet,
---[26]. Umar - Preparations for the Attack,
---[27]. The Wells of Badr - An Unequal Fight,
---[28]. Fatima - The Modest Dowry,
---[29]. The Defeat - Fatal Disobedience,
---[30]. Salman the Persian - With Shovel and Hoe,
---[31]. Return to Mecca - Day of Mercy,
---[32]. The Farewell - Fatima's Secret.

---Chronological Table.

(Recommended from Ages12 plus)

The primary sources used to write this book were the Sira of Ibn Ishaq entitled ''The Life of Muhammad'' as well as Martin Ling's biography of the Prophet, entitled ''Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources.''

Perfectly Bound Hardback, using High Grade Paper.

*Dimensions : 20.7 x 15.8 x 2.3cm.

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