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Qur'an Sciences

Al-Tibyan li-Ba\'d al-Mabahith ...
Al-Tibyan li-Ba'd al-Mabahith ...
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Details:  Al-Tibyan li-Ba'd al-Mabahith al-Muta'alliqah bi'l-Qur'an : Arabic,
*[A4] Hardback - 360 pages, New,
by Imam Tahir al-Jaza'iri al-Dimishqi [d.1338h],,
Tahqiq by Shaykh Abd al-Fattah al-Ghuddah,
Published by Dar al-Islam al-Bashayr al-Islamiyyah.

Description :

Kitab al-Tibyan li-Ba'd al-Mabahith al-Muta'alliqah bi l-Qur'an 'ala Tariq al-Itqan : is the study of the Qur'anic sciences written by one of the foremost scholars of his time Imam Tahir al-Jaza'iri, rahimaullah, with the editing done by Shaykh Abd al-Fattah al-Ghuddah, rahimaullah.

About the Author :

He is Tahir b. Muhammad Salih b. Ahmad b. Mawhub al-Samuni al-Jaza’iri al-Dimashqi (1852CE/1268AH – 1920 CE/1338AH). Al-Jaza'iri was a reformer and great scholar of Tafsīr, Hadīth, Fiqh, Uṣūl, history and the Arabic language. He was born and passed away in Damascus.

His father Muhammad Salih migrated from French-occupied Algeria to Damascus in 1846 CE (1263 AH) along with the great Algerian leader ʿAbd al-Qadir al-Jaza’iri. Muhammad Salih lived there until he passed away in 1868 CE (1285 AH). He was a scholar of the Quranic sciences. Imam Tahir al-Jaza'iri received his early education from his father; thereafter he studied with many other ʿulama in Damascus, including Shaykh ʿAbd al-Ghani al-Maydani and Shaykh ʿAbd al-Rahmān al-Banushnaqi. Imam Tahir devoted all his time and energy towards studying. This also included studying the natural sciences, mathematics, and astronomy. His knowledge of history was superb, and, in addition, he was very well-acquainted with the biographies of the previous scholars and their books.

In 1878, at the age of twenty-six he was appointed as a general inspector for the primary schools. During the period he served this position, he wrote some books that were necessary at the time for pupils in various levels. Together with Shaykh ʿAla al-Dīn ʿAbidīn (d. 1888 CE), they agreed to establish al-Jamʿīyyah al-Khayrīyyah al-Islāmiyyah that was very active in Damascus and responsible for establishing many schools and libraries including the 'Zahiriyyah Library' as well as the 'Khalidiyyah Library' in al-Quds.

He was accustomed to reading and researching the whole night right until Fajr. This was particularly his practice in the last forty years of his life. He was in Cairo for about thirteen years and in 1920 after becoming seriously ill, he returned to Damascus. Soon after his return he was elected as a member of the Arabic Academy in Damascus and the Director of the Ẓahirīyyah Library. He passed away four months later in 1920 and is buried on the Qāsiyūn Mountain in Damascus, Syria.

Imam Tahir wrote many books over thirty-five in number on various subjects. These include ʿAqidah, ʿUlum al-Qur’an, Tajwid, the science of Hadith, Sirah, Usul, Arabic rhetoric, Arabic literature, the philosophy of natural mathematics, history and an introduction to many Islamic manuscripts. His most important books are :

---Irshad al-Alba ila Taʿlim Alif Ba,
---Al-Tibyan li-Baʿd al-Mabahith al-Mutaʿalliqah bi ‘l-Qur’an,
---Tawjih al-Nazar ila Usul al-Athar in the science of Hadith,
---Al-Jawahir al-Kalamiyyah fi al-ʿAqa’id al-Islamiyyah,
---Al-Taqrīb ila Usul al-Taʿrib,
---Sharh Khutab Ibn Nabatah,
---Al-Tadhkirah al-Ẓahiriyyah,
---Al-ʿUqud al-Ali fi Asanid al-Awali,
---Munyat al-Adhkiya fī Qasas al-Anbiya,
---Mukhtasar Adab al-Katib by Ibn Qutaybah,
---Madkhal al-Tullab ila Fann al-Hisab.

Shaykh ʿAbd al-Fattāh Abū Ghudda (1917-1997) was a leading scholar of the traditional Islamic sciences specialising in hadith. He was born in Aleppo, Syria in 1917. He was considered as one of the outstanding scholars of the 20th century. Shaykh Abu Ghuddah as well as a renowned scholar of Hadith was a scholar of the Hanafi school of Fiqh. He studied in Syria and Egypt specialising in Arabic Language, Hadith, Shariah and Psychology. He had many prominent teachers, amongst them Shaykh Ragib al-Tabbakh, Shaykh Ahmed ibn Muhamad al-Zaraqa, Shaykh Isa al-Bayanuni, Shaykh Ahmad al-Kurdi and the renouned Ottoman Scholar Imam al-Kawthari.

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More Islamic Studies : Darsi Kitabs,
Works by : Shaykh Abd al-Fattah abu-Ghuddah.

*Dimensions : 24.8 x 17.9cm.

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