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Calling onto the Divine [2CD]
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Al-Hadiyat al Saeediyyah : Arabic
Al-Hadiyat al Saeediyyah : Arabic
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  • Authored by: Allama Fadl e Haq Khayrabadi

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Details: Al-Hadiya t'al-Saeediyyah with Hashiya : Arabic, New,
*[A5+] Paperback - 328 pages,
by Imam Muhammad Fadl al-Haq al-Khayrabadi [d.1278.h],
Hashiya by Sayyid Muhammad Abdullah al-Bilgrami [d.1305.h],
Published by Majlis e Barakat,
Jamiya al-Ashrafiyya, Mubrakpur.

Description :

Al-Hadiya t'us-Sa'idiyyah f'il Hikmat at-Tabi'iyyah : Allama Fadl e Haqq Khayrbadi's, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi, masterpiece on the various discussions of the spiritual states (mabhath), i.e. of the mind, body and soul with reference to the shari'ah.

The rare work provides details of the faculties of the mind, the senses, and of the bodily processes that keeps one intact with His Creator.

The marginal notes have been provided by Allama Sayyad Muhammad Abdullah al-Bilgrami, rahimaullah, [d.1305.h]. See image below for sample page.

About the Author :

Allama Fazl i Haqq Khayrabadi (1212/1791-1278/1861), rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi, was the son of Allama Fazl e Imam Faruqi Khayrabadi (d.1244/1829), the 'Sadr us Sudoor' of Delhi.  Allama Fazle Haq received his education in Islamic Sciences from Shah Abd 'al Qadir (d. 1230/1815) and Shah Abd' al Aziz, the Muhaddith of Delhi (1239/1824) and in rational sciences from his father. He had a phenomenal memory and memorised the Quran in a little over 4 months. Ha also completed the curriculum in Arabic, Persian and religious studies by the age of 13 and engaged himself in teaching.

Besides being a scholar of Islamic studies and theology, he was also a literary persona. More than 4,000 couplets in Arabic are attributed to him. He edited the first diwan of Mirza Ghalib on his request. On account of his deep knowledge and erudition he was called Allama and later was venerated as a great Sufi. He was also bestowed with the title Imam Hikmat & Kalaam (The Imam of logic, philosophy and literature). He was considered the final authority on issuing fatwas or religious rulings.  He is perhaps most remembered for issuing a fatwa in favour of Jihad against the 'British' in 1857 and against the Wahhabi extremists. He sadly passed away in custody in the Adaman Islands, in 1861.

More Islamic Studies (Dars e Nizami) kitabs.

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