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Idah e Haqiqat : Urdu
Idah e Haqiqat : Urdu
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Good Treatment of Parents
Good Treatment of Parents
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Urdu Qaidah Kitab 1
Urdu Qaidah Kitab 1
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Tahdhib al-Asma wa al-Lughat : 4 vols, Arabic
Tahdhib al-Asma wa al-Lughat : 4 vols, Arabic
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  • Authored by: Imam an-Nawawi

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Details:  Tahdhib al-Asma wa al-Lughat : 4 vols, Arabic, New,
*[A4] Hardback - 2300 pages within 4 Volume Set,
by Imam Sharf al-Din an-Nawawi [d.676h],
Tahqiq by Abdul Ali Kushik,
Published in Damascus.

Description :

Tahdhib al-Asma wa al-Lughat - is a small and unique reference work as it deals with numerous names and popular terminologies used in Islamic studies. Imam al-Nawawi, alayhi ar-Rahman w'al-Ridwan, compiled this work in the hope to assist those that want to utilise a handy reference work that isn't too exhaustive.

Among the subjects covered are :

---Biographical Layers (Tarajim) : Various selective individuals that have contributed towards Islamic studies development or simply has been a component in Islamic advancement, be they companions, Tabi'in or simply Mujtahids in the various schools of law (specially that of the shafi'is),
---Juristic Linguistics (Lughat al-Fiqh) : He has explained the commonly used terms in the schools of law or juristic manuals. He has expounded the meanings of some of the problematic terms that has seen much debates, such as; al-Bid'ah (innovation).
---Geographical names : He has detailed the whereabouts of many cities or popularly known areas of those days due to various popular characters being named after them or historic sites.

The author : Imam an Nawawi, alayhi ar-Rahman w'al-Ridwan, [631–676 A.H. /1234–1277C.E.].

'Shaykh al-Islam' al-Imam Muhyiddin Yahya ibn Sharaf al-Nawawi  is one of the great Sufi scholars, strictest latter-time hadith masters, and most meticulous of jurists, and is with al-Rafi`i as the principal reference of the Shafi`i school.

His books remain authoritative in the methodology of the law, in Qur'an commentary, and in hadith. His commentary of Sahih Muslim is second only to Ibn Hajar's commentary of Sahih Bukhari. Allah Almighty gave his famous compilation of Forty Hadiths more circulation and fame than possibly any other book of hadith, large or small, and has allowed an-Nawawi to be of immense benefit to the Community of Islam.

Selection of Imam al-Nawawi's works,

More Darsi Works.

*Single Volume Dimensions : 24.7 x 17.9cm.

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