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Fiqh : Darsi

Al-Fiqh Al-Islami : Vol 2 English
Al-Fiqh Al-Islami : Vol 2 English
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Details:  Al-Fiqh Al-Islami - According to the Hanafi Madhhab [Vol 2] New,
Volume 2 : Rites of Zakah, Fasting and Hajj,
*[A5+] Paperback -  347 pages,
*by Mohammad Akram Nadwi,
Published by Angelwing.

Description :

'Al-Fiqh Al-Islami' is an original masterly composition of the Fiqh (codified legal rulings) of Imam Abu Hanifah, may Allah be pleased with him, and his school of thought. For the first time in the English language, the detailed rulings of Hanafi Fiqh alongside the evidences from which they have been derived are presented with meticulous research and detailed references. Most importantly, current day issues have also been incorporated to make this book the first authentic, relevant and practical Hanafi work in the English language.

“This book is sound in fiqh and reflects the thorough and accurate knowledge of its author. From my experience in the field of fiqh, I would judge that this book will have tremendous value for its users. May Allàh make this book of benefit to all who turn to it”.
                                                       ---Dr. Hussam Al-Dean Farfour,
                                                                          Vice-President, Al-Fath Islamic Association, Damascus

Table of Contents :

The Book of Zakah :


Chapter [1]. The Importance of Zakah,
---Zakah is linked with Salah,
---Zakah as a Pillar of Islam,
---The Objectives of Zakah,
---Zakah is not like taxation,
---Warnings against those who do not give Charity.

Chapter [2]. The Obligation of Zakah,
---The Evidence for it being Obligatory,
---Rejection of Zakah,
---Conditions: when and how Zakah becomes Obligatory,
---Conditions concerning the person,
---Conditions concerning Wealth,
---The Wisdom of nisab.

Chapter [3]. The Types of Wealth,
---Money :
------Gold and Silver,
------The nisab of Gold,
------The nisab of Silver,
------Impure Gold and Silver,
------Precious Stones and Gems,
------Zakah on Loan,
------Zakah on Paper Money,
------Zakah on Shares,
---The Goods of Trade,
------What do Tradable Goods include?
------When Zakah is Obligatory on Goods of Trade,
------Zakah on Rent,
------Waiting Possessions,
------Combining different types of Money or Trade Goods,
---Agricultural Products and Fruit,
------Vegetables and Fresh Fruits,
------Zakah on Honey,
------How much is to be Paid?
------Lands of Kharaj,
---Zakah on Livestock,
------Sheep and Goats,
------Miscellaneous points.

Chapter [4]. The Expenditures from Zakah Funds,
---Those to Whom Zakah is Payable;
------Categories of People Eligible for Zakah,
------1. The Poor and the Destitute,
------2. How much the Needy Person should be given?
---------When Begging is Allowed?
------3. Those who Collect Zakah,
------4. Those Who are to be Reconciled,
------5. The Emancipation of Slaves,
------6. For Those in Debt,
------7. For Those in the 'Way of Allah'
------8. For Travellers,
---Who should be Preferred in Distribution?
---Those to Whom Zakah is not to be given,

Chapter [5]. The Payments of Zakah,
---Time of the Payment,
------Advance Payment,
------Payment of Arrears,
---Prayer for the Zakah Payer,
---Transferring Zakah,
---Errors in the Payment of Zakah.

Chapter [6]. Sadaqat al-Fitr;
---On Whom is it Obligatory?
---The Amount of Sadaqat al-Fitr,
------Can One pay its Value?
---When it Becomes Obligatory,
------The Preferred time for Payment,
---To Whom it Should be Paid.

Chapter [7]. Voluntary Charity,
---The Virtues of Charity in the Qur'an,
---The Virtues of Charity in Hadith;
------Closeness to Allah,
------Reward in the Hereafter,
------Protection from Hellfire,
------Compensation for Spending,
------Upper hand,
------Encouraging spending,
------Earning for Charity,
---Types of Voluntary Charity;
------Every good is a Charity,
------Providing Water,
---Continuous Charity,
---Charity on Behalf of the Dead,
---Giving all of One's wealth,
---Who deserves Charity;
------Charity to non-Muslims,
------Charity on the Animal;
---Accepting what comes without Begging and Without Avaricious Desire,
---A Woman giving Charity from her Husband's Wealth?
---What Invalidates Charity?
------Charity from Unlawful Income,
---Keeping Charity Secret,
---Giving Thanks.

The Book of Fasting :

Chapter [1]. The Importance of Fasting,
---The Virtue of Fasting,
---The Objectives of Fasting.

Chapter [2]. The Sighting of the Moon,
---If the Horizon is Clear,
---If the Horizon is not Clear,
---If Someone alone sees the Crescent,
---People Travelling,
---Considerations of Difference in Location,
---Astronomical Calculations,
---The Size of the Crescent,
---The Day of Doubt,
---Follow the Jama'ah.

Chapter [3]. A Description of the Fasting,
---The Fards in Fasting,
---Those places where the days or nights are very long,
---Those places where the days or nights cannot be distinguished,
---The Sunnahs of Fasting,
------It's timing,
------With what should one break the fast?
---Reading the Qur'an,
---Refraining from Sins and Vain Pursuits.

Chapter [4]
. The Fasting of Ramadan,
---When was the Fasting made Obligatory?
---The Virtues of the Month of Ramadan,
------The Sin of not Fasting during Ramadan,
------The Wisdom behind fixing days for Ramadan,
---On Whom is Fasting Obligatory?
------The Fasting of Children,
------Women is a state of Menstruation,
------The Invalid and the Traveller,
------Those Physically unable to Fast,
---Nafl (Optional) Fast,
------The Six Days of Shawwal,
------The Day of Arafah,
------Fasting on Mondays and Thursdays,
------Three Days of Every Month,
------Fasting on Alternate Days,
------When Voluntary Fasting becomes Compulsory?

Chapter [5]. Days when Fasting is Forbidden or Disliked,
---Forbidden Days,
---Disliked Days,
------Day of doubt,
------The Whole Year,
------Fasting without the consent of one's husband,

Chapter [6]. What is Allowed during Fasting?
---Fasting and Drinking forgetfully,
---Tasting the food,
---Getting up in the morning as junubi,
---Wet dream,
---Applying oil,
---Cooling with water,
---Applying Kuhl,
---Using miswak or toothpaste.

Chapter [7]. What Breaks the Fast?
---What makes both qada and kaffarah compulsory?
---What necessitates qada only?
------Breaking the Fast by mistake,
------Sexual contact that is less than jima,
------Vomiting deliberately,
------Eating something which is not food,
------Breaking a Fast other than during the month of Ramadan,
------Delaying the qada,
------Separation between the qada Fasts.

Chapter [8]. The Night of Al-Qadr,
---Seeking the Night of Al-Qadr,
---Which night is it?
---Worship during the Night.

Chapter [9]. I'tikaf : The Retreat;
---Types of I'tikaf,
------Wajib I'tikaf,
------Sunnah I'tikaf,
------Mustahab I'tikaf,
---Conditions for the Validity of I'tikaf,
---Specifying a Place for the Mu'takif,
---What one should do during I'tikaf?
---What is allowed for the Mu'takif,
---What invalidates the I'tikaf?
---Qada of I'tikaf.

The Book of Hajj :

Chapter [1]. Hajj Background and Importance,
------Reconstruction of the Ka'bah,
------The Haram and its Boundaries,
---The Importance of Hajj,
------Principal Virtues of Hajj,
------The Virtue of spending in Hajj,
------The Purpose of Hajj,
---The Obligation of Hajj,
------It is Obligatory once in a life time,
------One Should not Delay it,
------When it becomes Obligatory,
------The Condition of being able to Perform Hajj,
------Hajj of a Child,
------Hajj of a Woman,
------Undertaking Hajj on behalf of Someone Else,
------Departing for Hajj,
------Du'a on setting out for Hajj,
------Earning money during Hajj.

Chapter [2]. Fards of the Hajj,
---1. Ihram,
------Mawaqit of Ihram,
------Specific times,
------Entering into Ihram before the due time,
------Specific places,
------The miqats of people arriving by air,
------Passing miqat without putting on Ihram,
------Ihram before miqat,
------The miqat of the people of al-Hill,
---The requirements of Ihram,
------The wording of the Talbiyah,
------Salah on the Prophet, ﷺ, and Supplication,
------The Virtue of the Talbiyah,
------The places where the Talbiyah should be said,
------Times for the Talbiyah,
------Uttering the Talbiyah aloud,
------The inner meaning of the Talbiyah,
---What is forbidden in the state of Ihram ?
---What is allowed in the state of Ihram ?
------The inner meaning of being in a state of Ihram,
---What is required before and and upon entering Makkah?
---In the event of a Muhrim's death?
---When one comes out of Ihram?
---2. Wuquf in Arafah,
------The Virtue of the Day of Arafah,
------The Legal Position of Wuquf in Arafah,
------Which part of Arafah is Recommended?
---There is one condition (fard), one wajib and a number of Sunnahs for staying at Arafah,
------Its condition,
------Its Wajib.
---Sunnahs for staying at Arafah,
---Moving from Arafah,
---3. Tawaf (Circambulation)
------Seeing the Ka'bah,
------The virtue of Tawaf,
---Types of Tawaf,
---Conditions of Tawaf,
---Wajibs of Tawaf,
---Sunnahs of Tawaf,
---The timing of Tawaf al-Ifadah,
---The Prayer while people are passing,
---Women doing Tawaf,
---Tawaf while riding,
---Talking during Tawaf,
---Looking at the Ka'bah.

Chapter [3]. Wajibs of the Hajj,
---1. Sa'y ( Sa'i ) between Safa and Marwah,
------The condition of the Sa'y,
------The Wajibs of Sa'y,
------The Sunnahs of Sa'y,
---The inner meaning of the Sa'y,
---2. Staying in Muzdalifah,
------Combining Maghrib and Isha Prayers,
------Where to stay in Muzdalifah?
------Fajr prayer in Muzdalifah,
---Exemption for women and the elderly,
---3. Ramy,
------The wisdom behind Ramy,
------The ruling related to Ramy,
------The size of the pebbles,
------Where the pebbles should be collected from,
------The number of pebbles,
------Where the pebbles should fall,
---Days of Ramy,
------Takbir and Du'a at every Ramy,
------Du'a afyer Ramy,
---Throwing pebbles on behalf of others,
---4. Hady (Animal Sacrifice),
------The types of animal offered for a Hady,
---Types of Hady,
---Conditions of the Hady,
------Riding the Hady,
------One should not milk the Hady,
------If the Hady perishes or is afflicted,
------The time of slaughtering,
------The place of slaughtering,
------The best way of slaughtering,
------The butcher should not be paid from it,
------Eating from the meat of Hady,
------The importance of sacrifice,
---5. Shaving or shortening one's hair,
------The recommended way,
------The ruling for a bald person,
------A woman may shorten her hair,
------How much to shave or shorten?
------The wisdom,
---6. Tawaf al-Sadr (Farewell Circambulation),
------Du'a when leaving Makkah,
---7. The order of the actions.

Chapter [4]. Sunnahs of the Hajj,
---The Sunnah acts of Hajj.

Chapter [5]. A Description of the Hajj,
---Where Women differ from Men,
---The Hajj of the Prophet, ﷺ, 

Chapter [6]. Types of Hajj,
------A Description of the Qiran,
------When the Qiran becomes Ifrad,
------For the residents of Makkah.

Chapter [7]. Infractions Committed During Hajj or Umrah?
---Applying perfume,
---Putting on sewn cloth,
---Pairing one's nails,
---Sexual desire,
---Impurity while doing tawaf,
---Missing Sa'y,
---Missing the stoning,
---Killing game,
---Cutting grass or trees,
---Double Kaffarah for the Qarin.

Chapter [8]. Ihsar,
---Definition of Ihsar,
---Ihsar of a Qarin,
---The place of sacrifice for Muhsar,
---The place of sacrifice for a Muhsar,
---Qada for Muhsar,
---If Ihsar ends,
---Ihsar or residents of Makkah,
---Missing part of the rites.

Chapter [9]. The Umrah,
---The ruling about Umrah,
---The timing of Umrah,
---The miqats of Umrah,
---Actions of Umrah,
---Umrah during Ramadan,
---The 'Umrahs of the Prophet, ﷺ, 
---Repeating Umrah.

Chapter [10]. Visting Madinah,
---The Haram of Madinah:
------Some ahadith on the Virtues of Madinah,
------The Virtue of Death in Madinah,
------The Mosque of the Prophet, ﷺ,
------Virtue of Uhud,
------Visiting Quba Mosque,
---What the pilgrim should do in Madinah,
------The Du'a of Returning back.

---Indexes :
------Index of Qur'anic Ayat,
------Index of Ahadith,
------Index of Narrators and Persons Mentioned.

*The author is non-ASWJ, however this book is useful for research and reference for students of knowledge.

Also see Al-Fiqh al-Islami : Vol 1,

*Dimensions : 23 x 15.2 x 2.6cm.

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