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Eid Mubarak Gold Sticker Pack
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Issy Miyaki
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Fiqh : Darsi

Al-Mukhtar li al-Fatawa : Arabic
Al-Mukhtar li al-Fatawa : Arabic
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Details:  Al-Mukhtar li al-Fatawa ala Madhhab al-Imam al-A'zam : Arabic, New,
*[A4] Hardback - 556 pages,
by Imam 'Abdullah al-Mawsili,
Tahqiq by Dr. Saaiid Bakhdash,
Published by Dar al-Bashayr al-Islamiyyah,
& by Dar al-Siraj, Lebanon.

Description :

Al-Mukhtar li al-Fatawa ala Madhhab al-Imam al-A'zam Abi Hanifah al-Numan -by Imam Abdullah bin Mahmud al-Mawsili, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi, is an extensive manual on hanafi fiqh utilised by students and academics.  The editor has added beneficial evidences for many of the rulings the Imam discusses in this work. He has also consulted various other manuscripts and inserted in brackets words that were missing from the manuscripts. Some of the problematic wordings have been further explained by the editor. The Ahadith mentioned in the text have been reproduced with their grading. Some of the names of people and places are briefly explained.

About Imam 'Abdullah al-Mawsili :

He is al-Imam, The Jurist, the Hadith expert, Shaykh al-Islam, 'Abd Allah b. Muhamud Ibn Mawdud b. Muhamud b. Baldiji, al-Mawsili, al-Hanafi, by the acronym of Abu al-Fadhl, Majd al-Din who was born in Mosil on a Friday of 599 Hijri. He was born in a scholarly household wherein his father Abi al-Thana'i Muhamud al-Mawsili initially taught him. He spent quite sometime being taught by his father until he became firm on the Madhhab. He also had two brothers who were firm on the Madhhab and Hadith science, namely 'Abd al-Da'im and 'Abd al-Karim. Al-Mawsili passed away in Baghdad on the 19th of al-Muharram 683 Hijri

 Some of his students are very popular and widely known, such as :

---Al-Imam ad-Dimyati, 'Abd al-Mu'min b. Khalaf ash-Shafi'i,
---Ibrahim b. Muhammad b. Barakat al-Mawsili, who has his own commentary on the al-Mukhtar of the author,
---Qutb al-Din 'Abd al-Karim al-Halbi, ... and others.

Some of his works are :

---Sharh al-Jami' al-Kabir by Imam al-Shaybani,
---Al-Mushtamil 'ala Masa'il al-Mukhtasar,
---Kitab al-Fawa'id,
---Al-Mukhtar lil Fatawa,
---Al-Ikhtiyar li Ta'lil al-Mukhtar.

*Dimension : 24.7 x 18cm.

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