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The Majestic Qur'an : New
The Majestic Qur'an : New
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Sharing What You Love
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Eid Mubarak Card [E7]
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Hadith : Darsi

Sharh Hadith : Hubbiba ilayy min Dunyakum
Sharh Hadith : Hubbiba ilayy min Dunyakum
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  • Authored by: Ibn al-Furak

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Details:  Juz fi Sharh Hadith - Hubbiba ilayy min Dunyakum : Arabic, New,
*[A4] Paperback - 71 pages,
by Muhammad ibn Hasan al-Ansari ibn al-Furak al-Asbahani [d.406h],
Edited by Muhammad Alwan,
Published by Dal al-Katani, Beirut.

Description :

Juz fi Sharh Hadith, - is an explanation of the hadith : Hubbiba ilayy min Dunyakum : that "Love has been granted towards me from this world in three things - Women, Scent and the Coolness given to my Eyes through Prayer."

Ibn al-Furak, the Ash'arite theologian and traditionist, provides a detailed commentary on this hadith, and mentions its position in regards to its benefits and its connective points.

About the Author  Ibn al-Furak al-Asbahani :

He is Imam Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Hasan al-Ansari ibn Faurak al-Shafi'i, al-Ash'ari, al-Asbahani  (pronounced Asfahani or Isfahani). He was born at Asbahan (Isbahan) in 330 hijri - it is a well known city famous for its inhabitants and renowned for its learning and education.

He was known as Ibn al-Furak due to his preservation of knowledge, his counselling and obedience. This has been cited by both Ibn al-Athir and al-Sam'ani, two more famous historians who succeeded Ibn al-Furak.

Ibn Furak said: "The Ash`ari doctrine is that our Prophet, ﷺ, is alive in his grave and is the Messenger of Allah forever until the end of time, literally, not metaphorically, and that he was a Prophet when Adam, alayhi salam, was between water and clay, and his Prophethood remains until now, and shall ever remain" - as mentioned in Tabaqat al-Shafiyya al-Kubra.

After his death Ibn Furak was carried to Naysabur and buried in al-Hira [d.406h]. Ibn `Asakir relates that his grave is a place of visitation where one seeks healing (istishfa') and one's prayer is answered.

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