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Arabic Grammar : Darsi

Lisaan ul Quran : Vol 3
Lisaan ul Quran : Vol 3
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Details:  Lisaan ul Quran : (Language of the Qur'an) Volume 3, New,
'An Elementary Text on Arabic Grammar!'
*[A4] Large Hardback - 494 pages,
by Madrasah Ayesha Siddiqa, Karachi,
*Published by Maktaba tul Bushra.

Description :

"The grammatical rules of any language are not taught as an end in themselves; rather, they are the means to attaining proficiency in the various skills of the language. That is why all modern methods of teaching Arabic lay special emphasis on the practical application of grammatical rules rather than limiting the student to merely learning these rules by heart.

This book which is the result of a brief experience of teaching Arabic by the authors has been compiled on the pattern of "An-Nahu-ul-Waadhih" book which broke new ground in the teaching of Arabic grammar. Except for the first few lessons, all the chapters begin with Arabic sentences in the light of which the rule under discussion is explained.

Following that are necessary exercises by means of which the student acquires practice of the practical application of the rule. Sentences for translation from English to Arabic are also included. At the end of most of the chapters is an exercise, which consists of a Qur'anic Ayat, thus enabling the student to become acquainted with the Qur'anic style from the very beginning.

Special attention has been paid to declension so that the student may gain insight into the syntax of the language. For this purpose the technical terms of Arabic have been used.

Table of Contents :

---Introductory Note,

---Chapter [1]. More about the Declension of the Imperfect,

---Chapter [2]. The Imperfect Occuring in the Jussive,

---Chapter [3]. The Imperfect Occuring in Response to an Oath,

---Chapter [4]. The Concurrence of Oath and Condition,

---Chapter [5]. Omission of the Conditional Verb or the Result Clause of a Condition,

---Chapter [6]. More about Conditional Particles,
------Factor Affecting the Declension of the Nominal Sentences,

---Chapter [7]. "   " and its Sister,

---Chapter [8]. Verbs of Nearness, Beginning and Hope,

---Chapter [9]. "   " and its Sister,

---Chapter [10]. Particles Affecting Declension,

---Chapter [11]. "   "

---Chapter [12]. Particles Analogous to "    " in Grammatical Function,

---Chapter [13]. Derivatives of the Verbal Noun,

---Chapter [14]. The Adjective Analogous to the Active Particle,

---Chapter [15]. The Elative,

---Chapter [16]. The Noun of Time and Place,

---Chapter [17]. The Noun of Instrument,

---Chapter [18]. Appositives,

---Chapter [19]. Apposition,

---Chapter [20]. The Appositional Substantive,

---Chapter [21]. Explicative Apposition,

---Chapter [22]. The Coordinating Appositive,

---Chapter [23]. The "   " of Accompaniment,

---Chapter [24]. Exclusion,

---Chapter [25]. The Vocative,

---Chapter [26]. Interjections,,

---Chapter [27]. Lamentation,

---Chapter [28]. The Abbreviated Vocative,

---Chapter [29]. Warning and Inducing,

---Chapter [30]. Specification of Pronouns,

---Chapter [31]. Deflection of Cases,

---Chapter [32]. Contending Factors of Declension,

---Chapter [33]. The Wonder Mode,

---Chapter [34]. Verbs of Praise and Blame,

---Chapter [35]. Nouns Analogous to Verbs,

---Chapter [36]. Attached and Detached Pronouns,

---Chapter [37]. Partially Inflective Nouns,

---Chapter [38]. Metonymically Expressed Numbers,

---Chapter [39]. The Relative Adjective,

---Chapter [40]. The Dimunitive.

Examples and Numerous Exercises at the end of each Chapter.

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---Lisaan ul Qur'an Vol 1,
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*Non ASWJ.

*Dimensions : 25 x 19cm.

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