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Aqida : Darsi

Fayd al-Latif ala Jawhara al-Tawhid
Fayd al-Latif ala Jawhara al-Tawhid
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Details:  Fayd al-Latif ala Jawharah al-Tawhid : being a first English Transl,
An Outpouring of Subtleties Upon the Pearl of Divine Oneness
  : New,
Volume I : Lordship - Ilahiyat,
Hardback - 400 pages, Forthcoming Nov 2018,
Jawharah al-Tawhid by Imam al-Laqqani [d.1041h],
Transl & Commentary by Allie Khalfe,
Published by the Islamic Texts Society.

Description :

Fayd al-Latif ala Jawharah al-Tawhid : 'An Outpouring of Subtleties Upon the Pearl of Divine Oneness.' It is with sheer joy that we share this news with the English speaking world, in that Volume One of the English commentary and translation of Imam Laqqani’s Jawharah al-Tawhid is finally ready to be published.

The text, volume 1, deals with the differences of opinions and subtleties regarding Lordship (Ilahiyat).

Jawharat al-Tawhid, is one of the approved and accredited texts of the Sunni Creed in the Ashari school. Written as a poem to facilitate memorising it and to make it more enjoyable and appealing for young students. This was a method widely used to teach and convey knowledge in the past and is still used in some schools till today. It was composed by Imam Ibrahim al-Laqani al-Maliki (1041 H) upon a gesture from his Sufi mentor. Due to its high value and wide acceptance, many commentaries were written to elaborate and explain the meanings it had within.

About Shaykh Ibrahim al-Laqani :

He is ash-Shaykh Abd al-Salam bin Ibrahim bin Ibrahim al-Laqani, the Maliki Jurist, the shaykh of the Malikiyyah of his day. He was born in 971. He was a philosopher, a Sufi and a ascetic Jurist. He passed away in 1078 hijri.

Among his works are :

--- It'haf al-Murid Sharh Jawharat al-Tawheed,
--- Al-Siraj al-Wahaj bi Sharh Qisati al-Isra wal Mi'raj,
--- Ibtisam al-Azhar min Riyad al-Akhyar fi Rabi' al-Abrar bi Mawlid al-Habib al-Mukhtar,
--- Sharh Mandhumat al-Jaza'iriyyah fil 'Aqaid,
--- Hashiyat 'ala Tadhkirat al-Qurtubi.

About Shaykh Allie Khalfe :

Shaykh Muhammad Allie Khalfe spent a decade learning various traditional texts from Shaykh Seraj and Shaykh Ahmad Hendricks who are the current Shaykhs of the Azzawia Institute in Walmer Estate, Cape Town. They in turn graduated from the Umm al-Qura University in Mecca specializing in Usūl Al-Fiqh and spent about ten years at the feet of the ocean of knowledge, Al-Sayyid Muhammad bin ‘Alawī al-Mālikī, may Allah be pleased with him. Allie received from them licence [ijāza] to transmit various branches of knowledge including Islamic Jurisprudence [Al-Fiqh], Theology [Al-Tawhīd] as well as the Spiritual Sciences [Al-Tasawwuf].

He also spent two years at the Grand Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo sitting at the feet of some of the foremost scholars alive today, including Shaykh Sa’īd Mamdūh, Shaykh ‘Alī Jumu’a, Shaykh Fat’hī ‘Abdurahmān Al-Hijāzī, Shaykh Hasan Al-Shāfi’ī and Shaykh Hishām Kāmil, may Allah be pleased with them, all of whom he read traditional texts to and received from them ijāza to transmit these texts. He is currently completing his Masters in Islamic Studies with a focus on Theology at UNISA and is the founder of The IslamicText Institute in Surrey Estate, Cape Town. He also lectures on Theology at the International Peace College of South Africa (IPSA).

This English translation is from Imam al-Bajuri's commentary of al-Jawharah.

Rest of the Dars e Nizami book range.

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