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Ashrafiya Shajarah : English Translation
Ashrafiya Shajarah : English Translation
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  Ashrafiya Shajarah Book :
Shajaratun taiyyebatun asloha sabetuw'n wa far-oha fis samaey,
*[A5] Paperback Booklet - 98 pages,
Transl. & Transliteration by Mansoor Ahmed Ashrafi.
Published by: Muhaddith al-A'zam Mission, UK.

Description  :

This is the Shajarah for Tariqa Ashrafiyya [Chishti-Nizami]. It also covers the geneaology for the Qadiriyya nasab.

Extract from the Preface:

During the anniversary [Urs] celebrations at Kicchocha Shareef, it is customary to recite the Shajra-e-Nasab wa Iradat wa Khilafat with the recitation of Qul wa Fatiha and Qur'an al-Kareem.

This Shajra e Mubarakah in your hand, used to be memorised and preserved in hearts or inscribed on precious tablets. Unfortunately the common people could not gain access or benefit from it. AlaHadrat Shaykh al-Masha'ikh, Sayyad Shah Ali Hussain al-Ashrafi al-Jilani, radi Allahu ta'ala anhu, [1355h] was the first shaykh to feel this deficiency and the need to publish the Shajra e Mubarakah. After receiving these instructions Shaykh Sayyad Muhammad al-Khicchochawi, otherwise known as Muhaddith al-A'zam al-Hind, alayhi ar-Rahman, [1381h] formally started the compilation and soon after it was published for the masses.

Table of Contents :


---[1]. Shajarah al-Qadiriyah, al-Chishtiyah, w'al-Ashrafiyyah:
------Arabic with English translation.
---[2]. Shajara-ey Tayyibah, Qadiriyyah al-Ashrafiyyah,
------Manzoom wa Mukhtasar (Shortened Version),
---[3]. Istikhara al-Ghawthiyya,
------Urdu with English translation,
---[4]. Hadayhi Silsilati min Masha'ikhi,
fittareeqatil aliyatil a'leyatil Chishtiyat al-Ashrafiyat at-Tayyibah
------Urdu with English translation,
---[5]. Shajarah al-Khawjgan, Silsila-e-Aliya, Nizamiyyah, Chishtiyyah al-Ashrafiyyah,
------Manzoom wa Mukhtasar (Shortened Version),
---[6]. Shajaratun Nasab :
------Arabic with English transliteration,
------Urdu translation,
---[7]. Waza'if : Important nasihatain,
------What (& how many times) to recite after each fard Salat?
---[8]. 'Musabbat al-Ashr' -
------Arabic with English translation,
---[9]. Salawat : Durood Shareef,
------Arabic, Urdu and English,
---[10]. Halaqa-i Dhikr Dooree,
------Urdu with English translation,
---[11]. Du'a e Khatam halaqah e Dhikr,
------Arabic with English transliteration,
---[12]. Takbeer Ashiqaan,
------Urdu and Arabic,
---[13]. Istaghfar al-Awliya,
------Arabic, Urdu with English transliteration,
---[14]. Istaghfar al-Mala'ika,
------Arabic, Urdu with English transliteration,
---[15]. Fatiha Huzur Rasul-e-Akram, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,
------Arabic and Urdu,
---[16]. Fatiha Chishtiyya Nizamiyyah Ashrafiyyah,

---[17]. Fatiha Silsila al-Qadiriyyah,

---[18]. Fatiha Sultan al-Awliya, Mahboob al-Yazdani, quddus sirra,

---[19]. Fatiha Hadrat Sayyad Abdul Razaq Nur al-Ayn, quddus sirra,
------Awlad-e-Ghawth al-Thaqalayn,
---[19]. Fatiha Awlad Hadrat Hassan Thaani, quddus sirra,

---[20]. Fatiha khalifa Hadrat Nur al-Ayn,

---Takbeer wa Du'a 'Akhir,

Sub-continent print quality.

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* Dimensions : 22 x 14cm.

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