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Ba 'Alawiya

The Shimmering Light : HB
The Shimmering Light : HB
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  • Authored by: Habib Umar bin Hafiz

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Details: The Shimmering Light [Diya al-Lami]: New,
On the Birth of the Interceding Prophet, ,  
*[A5] Hardback (Leather Effect) - 99 pages,
by Al-Habib 'Umar bin Hafiz,
Translated by Hasan Husayn Sidky,
Published by Furthest Boundary Press Ltd.

Also available in Paperback Binding.
Back in Stock October 2020

Description :

The Shimmering Light - Being an English translation of Shaykh Habib Umar bin Hafiz's Mawlid ad-Diya al-Lami' fi Dhikr Mawlid al-Nabi al-Shafi.' 

Verily, in mentioning the chronicles and biography of our master, the Messenger of Allah, ﷺ, lies the illumination of hearts and an increase in love and faith; a strengthening of connection and attachment; a purification of the inner-secrets; and pleasure from Allah and nearness to Him and His Beloved and Chosen One.

In 'The Shimmering Light' lies a quintessential summary of the account of the Beloved Prophet's, ﷺ, birth, how he was raised, and his life. Through it, life is given to gatherings and homes, and they are infused with light.

Ḥabīb ʻUmar bin Ḥafīẓ was born 27 May 1963 is a Yemeni Sufi scholar, teacher, founder and the dean of Dar al-Mustafa Islamic seminary, at Hadramount, Tarim, in Yemen. He also a member of the Supreme Advisory Council for the Tabah Foundation in Abu Dhabi. Having memorised the Qu'ran at a very young age, he went onto study and memorise core texts in Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence), the Arabic language, Hadith (Prophetic traditions) and many other religious sciences. He studied Islamic sciences including spirituality from his father.

Later, he enrolled at the Ribat of al-Bayda’, where he began studying the traditional Islamic sciences under the tutelage of Al-Habib Muhammad bin Abd-Allah al-Haddar, as well as under the Shafi‘i jurist and scholar Al-Habib Zain bin Sumait. Habib Umar was given permission to teach soon after.  He then studied under the Mufti of Ta‘iz, al-Habib Ibrahim bin Aqil bin Yahya. He also studied under Shaikh al-Habib Muhammad al-Haddar, who gave him his daughter’s hand in marriage. Bin Hafiz then traveled to the Hejaz and studied several books with scholars, including Al-Habib Abdul Qadir bin Ahmad al-Saqqaf, Al-Habib Ahmed Mashur al-Haddad, and Al-Habib Attas al-Habashi.

*Hardback 'Leather Effect' Dimensions : 20.8 x 14.8cm.

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