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Rumi Weeds : New
Rumi Weeds : New
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Sarf Baha'i : New
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Pand Nama : Farsi
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Pure Gold : Al-Ibriz [English] PB
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Sidr Honey 500g
Sidr Honey 500g
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Details:  The Royal Orient Pure Sidr Honey : New,
500g Jar,
Harvested in Spain.

Description :

This is pure Sidr Honey from Spain which is considered one of the best types of honey in the world. It is extremely beneficial for one's health and is a known remedy for many diseases and ailments.

---One spoon will give you energy for the the whole day,
---When mixed with lemon-juice it can clear your cold & sore throat,
---Very good for ones digestive system,
---Increase your immunity system - for the liver, brain, and other areas.

What is Sidr Honey?

The nectar of the flowers of the Sidr (Lote) tree is where this mono floral honey is derived from. The fruits of the sidr tree have a very high-energy value. Only dates, figs, raisins, and few other dried fruits have a higher value. The seeds are rich in protein and have been used as a natural medicine for centuries.

Sidr honey is sought after because of its exquisite taste, its health benefits as a natural medicine, and even an as aphrodisiac. Our ancestors knew the healing benefits of honey and it is once again becoming a popular natural, alternative medicine. The use of honey as medicine is well documented in Ayurvedic and Greek medicine. Sidr honey is a known antibiotic and anti-bacterial agent and there are many benefits that can be had from including it into your diet.

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